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publisher:adminrelease time:2023-02-01
abstract: in agricultural production, in order to effectively ensure the high yield and high quality of crops, it is often necessary to use drugs to regulate and control. the commonly used one is gibberellic ac

in agricultural production, in order to effectively ensure the high yield and high quality of crops, it is often necessary to use drugs to regulate and control. the commonly used one is gibberellic acid. many people don’t know its function and how to use gibberellic acid. let’s talk about it together learn what gibberellic acid does and how to use it.

the function of gibberellic acid:

1. stimulate the elongation of plant cells, making the plants grow taller and the leaves larger;

2. it can break the dormancy of seeds, tubers and roots, and promote their germination;

3. can stimulate fruit growth, increase seed setting rate or form seedless fruit;

4. it can replace some crops that require low temperature for early flower bud differentiation;

5. it can also replace the effect of long-day sunshine, so that some plants can also bolt and bloom under short-day sunshine;

6. it can induce the formation of α-amylase and accelerate the hydrolysis of storage substances in endosperm cells.

how to use gibberellic acid according to different crops, there are different methods of using gibberellic acid, such as smearing, soaking seeds, dressing seeds, dipping roots, spraying, etc.

the specific method is as follows:

1. promote the formation of fruit setting or seedless fruit: spray once with 50-100mg/kg liquid medicine during the flowering period of cucumber, which can effectively promote fruit setting and increase production.

2. break dormancy and promote germination: * soak tubers with 0.5-1mg/kg medicinal solution for 30 minutes before sowing; soak seeds with 1mg/kg medicinal solution before sowing to promote germination.

3. regulating flowering: chrysanthemums can be sprayed with 1000mg/kg liquid medicine on the leaves during the vernalization stage, and cyclamen can be sprayed with 1-5mg/kg liquid medicine in the flower bud stage to promote flowering.

4. improve the seed setting rate of hybrid rice: spray with 25-55mg/kg liquid medicine when 25% heading.

5. promoting vegetative growth: spray 50-100mg/kg liquid on the leaves of celery once 2 weeks before harvesting; spray 1-2 times on leaves of spinach 3 weeks before harvesting, which can increase the size of stems and leaves.

6. in addition, gibberellic acid and forchlorfenuron can also be used, and the synergistic effect is obvious. among them, watermelon and melon are used: before flowering or on the same day, you can use 0.3% gibberellic acid forchlorfenuron water agent 150-200 applying the medicinal liquid to the fruit stalk, or spraying the liquid on the melon embryo with a watering can, can increase the melon sitting rate and promote fruit expansion. use of grapes: 15 days after grape withering, you can use 0.3% gibberellic forchlorfenuron aqueous solution 150-200 times to soak the fruit once, which can effectively prevent flower and fruit drop, and increase yield by up to 30%.

precautions while using gibberellic acid

1. gibberellic acid has low water solubility, dissolve it with a small amount of alcohol or white wine before use, and then dilute with water to the desired concentration.

2. the number of infertile seeds treated with gibberellic acid will increase, so it is not suitable to use medicine for farming.

the above is the introduction of the function and use of gibberellic acid. gibberellic acid is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator that is often used. it is one of the five endogenous plant hormones commonly found in plants. it is used to promote plant growth and development. has a great effect,

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