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release time:2019-06-17
is farming hard to do? the answer is yes, hard! so how to break through, how to develop again, how to improve agricultural sales better, shi zhengdao, a practical agricultural marketing expert, tells you the ten core elements of the long-term improvement of agricultural sales, and encourage you.
the first major factor is whether it is agricultural manufacturers, agricultural distributors, retailers, we must create, or select a high-quality large single item, or plan a bullish agricultural explosives, good products are the root! good drainage of large agricultural products, good drainage of agricultural explosives, no explosives marketing. good agricultural explosives can easily be sold in cash or in advance.
the second important factor is to endorse a good story for your agricultural products. with a good background, products without stories will have no culture, and products without culture will not go far. good product stories will bring unexpected influence to products, such as celebrity witnesses, expert witnesses and so on.
the third factor is to make great efforts to write a business plan for the company's future development in recent years. only by making a good business plan can we attract big customers and make them play "big"!
the fourth major factor is to determine a good agricultural marketing model. practical and far-reaching agricultural marketing model is the key. there is no model without marketing! in the past, agricultural assets should be destroyed, but now agricultural marketing mode should be destroyed. in a word, how to sell agricultural assets? this is planned ahead of time.
the fifth key factor is the cooperation of farmers and workers. only in the same dimension can the customers cherish each other, share honors and disgraces, and win-win cooperation. the right person is the right person in the world. work hard to weed out worthless customers. customers don't waste their efforts. poor customers occupy resources and do not go up in quantity, so they must take it down. at the same time, choose the right big farmers, and serve them hard.
the sixth major factor is to continue to focus on the method, the market, the crops, the customers, remember to blossom everywhere, dig deep and intensive cultivation, do a thorough job in a certain field of agricultural industry, be the first in a certain field, be the king in a certain field, have influence in a certain field and have the right to speak. once such a "climate" is formed, agricultural sales will naturally increase.
the seventh essential factor is the real landing service. agricultural technology service interpersonal relationship service agricultural information service are very important. service is not a slogan, service instead of marketing is not empty words, and more valuable services to customers should be derived. innovation of service forms in agricultural industry is also imminent. good service to customers is sticky, and agricultural sales will naturally increase.
the eighth major factor is to make good use of the existing marketing model of farmers'associations, observation meetings, promotion meetings, and so on. more innovative marketing strategies, make good use of the current new agricultural media, new internet tools, new publicity platform, and even better agricultural products can not be separated from publicity. the fame, reputation and loyalty of agricultural products, brand need long-term publicity. don't peep at beautiful women in the dark. the same is true of product publicity. if publicity is in place, can agricultural sales not be improved?
the ninth major factor is to integrate agricultural resources, and to increase the value of valuable resources inside and outside the agricultural industry for their own use! now agricultural personnel must be experts in human relations development, experts in resource integration, good networking, good resources will certainly give products, brands, companies themselves enormous energy, and have a good "boost" to sales promotion.
the 10th secret books constantly enhance their core values and capabilities of the team to adapt to the current changes in the agricultural industry! people are the best products. one is to cultivate their own "superior people" internally. the other is to make use of the "superior agricultural personnel" who understand marketing and know technology well for their own use. it is really difficult for couple stores in the agricultural industry to expand. the owners of agricultural companies become big salesmen, so it is very difficult to expand. making good use of valuable people will certainly be of great help to agricultural sales. when people are strong, sales will increase. with the increase of sales, farmers will not only make money, but also spend money and share money. such a virtuous circle is the guarantee of increasing sales.

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