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release time:2019-07-23

at one time, we were hesitant about the future development of agricultural resources. because many distributors are saying that it is difficult to do farm produce, farmers are reluctant to invest in repayment of credit, and they are under great financial pressure and low profits.
that's all right, because we encountered many such phenomena during our visits. for most distributors, some enterprises say that this is the self-mockery of distributors. is it hard to do every year, or is it still doing every year? it proves that the industry is still valuable and has growth potential. there is nothing wrong with that, and that's the reason.
but how to find the growth point? how did it grow brutally in the second half of the year?
some people have given great tips for new products and new methods. hold high-growth products and wait for harvesting market. that's a really good idea, but a good high-growth product is like a pie in the sky. why can it fall on your head? do you have a scale? do you have strength? after finding a high-growth product, can you quickly seize the opportunity to continue to advance? the new method is reliable, but the trial-and-error rate is also high. although not necessarily in line with the philosophy of business, but always someone to try, try and error.
in fact, everything has to find internal causes, because external factors we can not control, the only thing that can change is ourselves. famous, successful dealers have their own set. a familiar service provider has just updated a circle of friends: repeat the right thing and do it better. there is no trivial matter in management, everything has its cause. agricultural planting income comes from details, many factors affecting it, and every one of them is fatal! __________.
there is a distributor, in order to verify the feasibility of his plan, in order to guide farmers to grow, he meets mountains to open roads, meets water to build bridges, early self-cultivation, demonstration, in the barren mountains will develop tunisia soft-seed pomegranate technology and products. he is also a distributor. he holds the key technology of citrus key nodes and only does a certain section of plant protection technology, which is enough to make him stand out among distributors.
some distributors are still able to lead in the local area, but they have a sense of distress. they begin to lay out in early years, find key crops, key technologies and focus on crops. they either insist on serving a crop, create value chain, create unique models and brands, and lead the small crop market; or use one. small ideas and innovations leverage the market; or they grow or build their own platforms and start to get involved in the industrial chain or key nodes of crops.
even in the first two years, there was some unrest, but it was still getting better. of course, we should pay attention to the following points: we can't spread the stall too much in the early stage, because the risk is everywhere; we have technology, high-quality seed (seedling) resources, intermediate management and control, and premium recovery. only when one end is under control can one continue to have space and value. "being a service provider gives me the dignity to be a distributor." finding dignity is a word many dealers say.
only selling products may encounter a tit-for-tat confrontation with the products and a small stickiness to customers; some markets are good enough to move, but the competition is also great. it is said that only one street in shuangqiao town, wuming, guangxi, has added more than 20 retail stores a year. unless they make a difference, they will surely fall into the quagmire of price war. although service is declining, there is room for growth. no matter the size of the body, it can be tried. the posture of struggle is the most beautiful, and the sweat of labor is the most glittering.

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