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release time:2019-10-12

the first half of 2019 has passed, and these shocks have come: black science and technology agricultural products, accompanied by new marketing overwhelming; super retail attacks, traditional retailers are increasingly isolated; capital frequent joint regional hegemony, a new round of shuffling opened...
throughout the development history of the agricultural industry, those distributors who follow the tide will take advantage of the momentum to stand out and dominate. every major crisis in the agricultural industry is an opportunity for the industry to re-layout, enterprises to re-shuffle, and dealers to re-rank.
this year is bound to be a year of change. after many investigations, it is deeply felt that besides the confusion, panic and even panic, several undercurrents are surging in the agricultural channel merchants. these undercurrents are endogenous forces in the transformation of agricultural channels and deserve attention.
first, the traditional resource-based distributors are losing control over the channels and their status is worrying.
for a long time, multi-level distribution system has been the mainstream of agricultural sales. the dominant position of traditional resource-based distributors in this sales model can be imagined.
however, the change has come: these "former regional hegemony" relying on capital advantage, brand agent monopoly of resources and information resources become more and more difficult. on the one hand, the pressure of capital and inventory is becoming more and more serious. on the other hand, downstream retail terminals and big farmers are often "directly supplied" by manufacturers, and "the former regional hegemony" is becoming lonely.
how to increase the control of downstream channels? it has become a top priority for traditional resource-based distributors. many traditional resource-based distributors have developed to the upstream and downstream needs of the agricultural industry, and changed to service providers. additional services such as land trusteeship, financial services, agricultural technology services and agricultural product recycling have appeared. if we want to truly dominate one side and dominate one area, is that enough? obviously not!
secondly, traditional retailers pay close attention to agricultural technology services, but there are still bottlenecks in "agricultural technology realization".
with the growing demand for agricultural technology from growers, retailers are forced to go out of their homes and into the field. agricultural technology services have become the main means of competition.
during the visit, it was found that "the farmer who handles the agricultural technology gets the farmer's heart", but how the farmer's heart can be transformed into benefits and realized quickly. many retailers are at a loss.
there are already "super retail terminals", such as heavy heavy agriculture, which retailed more than 14 million yuan in 2018. what is the profit model behind its purchases? deep excavation is needed.
thirdly, we should rely on black science and technology products and make a sudden attack against the trend.
black technology products originally refer to technology products that can not exist in reality, and then they are extended to be unique products in the market, which can be accepted quickly by consumers.
in mid-2018, many products with the potential of "black technology" have emerged: green peel orange oil, liquid slow-release nitrogen fertilizer are potential stocks.
dacai once said that the products should have the "performance ability" to make distributors, retailers and farmers realize the advantages of this product in the fastest way. reporters see that the performance is only one of the skills of the black technology products, how the black technology products become the "explosive products" with large sales. how can regional distributors operate "black science and technology" products to achieve the coexistence and growth of multiple products, and to respond to each other in general?
fourthly, we should use external capital to rapidly increase the market size.
visits also found that urea prices repeatedly soared, dealers shouted urea is not selling in the last two years. however, with the help of capital and financial leverage, some new dealers have seized a wave of rare opportunities in decades. is capital intervention really a wolf? how much is the cost with financial leverage? this will also be the knowledge that distributors urgently need to store.
black technology, super retail, capital help... these are just the tip of the iceberg in the transformation of agricultural channels, but only by carrying this corner can we possibly hold the position, or even attack the dominant side!

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