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release time:2020-01-10

in 2019, affected by the low price of agricultural products, the performance of many listed companies of agricultural materials continued to explode, and fund rupture and bankruptcy merger happened one after another. more like salt lake potash, such a large resource-based enterprise, also because a few million yuan will fall into the embarrassing situation of asset restructuring! bad enterprises are merged and reorganized in order to survive. what is more terrifying is that good enterprises are also merged and reorganized (such as sinochem group merging luxi chemical, sinochem acquiring syngenta, etc.), striving to form an absolute monopoly. the grassy moth makes pesticide enterprises excited for a short time, and gradually return to peace; the pig is strong, but the chinese feel the danger of neglecting farming and animal husbandry for the first time. it is expected that in 2020, pigs, cattle, horses and sheep will be able to breed as soon as possible, so that the low food prices can rise.
in 2020, the confusion of agricultural material industry will continue. more enterprises will fall into swamp, and more enterprises will get new life! it's time for the agricultural material industry to re-establish the rules of the game; the traditional marketing mode can't be changed any more, and the conventional three board axe (business invitation and appreciation meeting, order promotion meeting, demonstration and observation meeting) has lost its vitality. the agricultural material industry only has to watch the weather to eat - the natural disaster (climate pest) of selling pesticides, and the man-made disaster (price of agricultural products skyrocketing) of selling fertilizers this situation will make the agricultural enterprises facing difficulties even worse! resource-based enterprises in the agricultural material industry have launched a wave of mergers and acquisitions, many cross-border acquisitions and foreign mergers and acquisitions are even more amazing. it is predicted that with the integration of resource-based enterprises, the price war of large-scale agricultural products will inevitably break out in 2020. in fact, any enterprise relying on resource-based advantages will not have a good result in the price war. all industries fighting the price war will end up in a mess!
through 20 years of marketing consulting practice, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that any brand marketing theory in the world is a one-sided separation of the blood relationship between products and brands, and a lack of a set of theory and practice methods to help chinese enterprises from weak to strong. i think: chairman mao zedong thought, which led the chinese revolution to victory, has great vitality for the development of enterprises even today! any innovation and reconstruction is not subversion, not push back. but in order to adapt to the development of society and the change of environment and constantly evolving! looking forward to 2020, i hope to reinterpret china's agricultural material marketing in the context of the new era environment, in accordance with the marketing wisdom of mao zedong thought, so that those large enterprises that are in the throes of industrial transformation can be nirvana and re-enter the development track; so that more small and medium-sized agricultural material enterprises can break through the bottleneck of development in the red sea and get a fast-growing blue sea!
agricultural materials marketing 2020, re-establish the rules of the game!
combining with the theoretical points of the historical stage of mao zedong thought development and the marketing consultation practice of more than ten years based on chairman mao's revolutionary base strategy, we try to explore the way of agricultural material marketing in 2020. when chinese agricultural material enterprises, especially small and medium-sized agricultural material enterprises are confused and encounter development bottlenecks, we can especially combine the enterprise's self as a matter of fact and industry environment, the essence of mao zedong thought is completely interpreted, and the path of development and expansion for ourselves is found.
power comes out of the gun: from product thinking to user thinking
for agricultural enterprises, to provide valuable and differentiated core technology products or services for farmers is the gun of agricultural enterprises. this is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, that is to say, the basic disk that can't be copied and imitated by people. all marketing promotion without the basic disk is passive and unsustainable. the reason why many agricultural enterprises have made great efforts in their traditional marketing is that most of them have designed a set of natural promotion mode from the perspective of their own product thinking. they want to break through the red sea market where they are fighting with swords, spears, swords and halberds. in fact, no matter how powerful your martial arts are, their success is the possibility of breaking through is very small. even if we can get away with it, we will kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred. with the deepening of sino-u.s. trade war, a large number of quality agricultural products of asean countries have entered china, and the price of chinese agricultural products will fluctuate more dramatically.
therefore, it can be judged that the product thinking of traditional marketing must be upgraded comprehensively, and the user thinking should be changed from the product thinking. the so-called user thinking is to put your products aside and study the needs of consumers in depth. instead of selling the products you can produce, you should produce and sell the products that really meet the needs of consumers. user thinking helps xiaomi ecosystem to break through the red sea, and user thinking also helps huawei's smart phone ride through the dust.
looking at china's agricultural material industry, few enterprises can have user thinking. the high-tech products of fertilizer, pesticide and seeds are basically monopolized by foreign enterprises. most of the agricultural enterprises have been selling their products for decades. even if they change their packaging, they will upgrade their products, regardless of the tremendous changes in the current growers and planting patterns. the result of excessive use of fertilizer and pesticide for many years is that a large number of land is acidified after "eutrophication". the year-round predatory planting makes our soil exhausted, and the quality of the agricultural products planted is not good. in many harvest years, a large number of agricultural products can only be sold at a low price or rotten in the ground because even the money collected is not enough. what kind of new fertilizer, soil restoration and biological bacterial fertilizer has not only become a hotbed for many fake and inferior products, but also a new vest for many small and medium-sized enterprises to change soup without changing medicine. many farmers waste a lot of time and money, but they don't have a good harvest. even if there is a harvest time, the price of agricultural products continues to fall, and even the cost is not enough. in recent years, the news of various agricultural products poverty alleviation hyped by multimedia is endless and heartbreaking.
from the perspective of user's thinking, domestic agricultural enterprises can invest little in the research and development of core technology of products, either find two expert teaching platforms to pay the poor 8000 lecture fees, or copy concepts and technologies. what's more, many agricultural enterprises, after making money, do not invest in product technology research and development, but openly engage in garden houses to enter into real estate, garden houses of various fertilizer brands are endless, which is not without saying the sadness of the agricultural industry. in fact, china's listed companies are also numerous examples of selling houses to save the market. there are reports that there are more than one trillion real estate that can be realized by listed companies in china. in 2019, many financial and real estate billionaires, who will be spared if they run away or die, or if they have earned unethical money in the past years, they are running away and losing money? to borrow the joking words of professor wu lishu, doctoral supervisor of huazhong agricultural university, the father of micro fertilizer in china: "only the substantive breakthrough of scientific and technological ability can make more advanced marketing concepts come true. nowadays, most of the enterprises are willing to spend a lot of money to find someone to fight chicken blood for the enterprises, and they are not willing to spend a copper plate to find more advanced science and technology and products, which is the current situation of most of the bosses of agricultural enterprises in china.
yu huiyong, founder of baiguoyuan, a leading enterprise in china's fruit chain industry, said: "in more than 4000 stores of baiguoyuan, real good quality fruit will always be scarce!" feeding china's agricultural material industry can help growers grow high-quality fruits with good products, good technology and good planting programs, which are also scarce. in 2020, i hope that agricultural enterprises with spear product competition thinking can think about 20% of their profits every year, and work together with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions to rely on their own basic disk, how to upgrade and develop their own "apple" and "huawei" mobile phones from user thinking to make growers scream good products and solutions, and form their own unique ak47 if the farmers can grow rare high-quality agricultural products, then such agricultural enterprises will be invincible in the world!
2020 agricultural materials marketing, research and develop k47 like products from the perspective of user thinking

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