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release time:2020-06-05

chairman mao once put forward a slogan: "unite all forces that can be united and strive for our common cause". the former dealers were not called dealers, but wholesalers. they bought them at a low price and then sold them at a high price. this is a traditional dealer. what are the future distributors?
first of all, we should pay attention to the needs of farmers. second, in the future, dealers must upgrade the services of retailers, reach an agreement with retailers, and establish an alliance relationship, which can help farmers and retailers solve problems.
in other words, in 2020, the agricultural material industry will enter an era of ecosphere.
in this ecosystem, we can't do without anyone. for example, australia has a lot of rabbits. we can't do that. we have introduced wolves. as a result, there are more wolves, there are no rabbits, and there are new problems. so the ecosystem is not the relationship between you and me. the ecosystem is that you and i can find their own position between the ecosystems and achieve balance. so what is the future focus of ecosphere marketing? what is the focus of a successful dealer is to learn to transform seriously, including technology, service and concept.
the thinking of the dealer is the thinking of the dealer, the thinking of the retailer has the thinking of the retailer, the two can not be equal to 1 yuan. there are many ways for dealers to transform in the future. it depends on how they choose. if the traditional dealers don't transform, they will suffer. every year, he has ten accounts on credit. if he can't get one back, he will do nothing this year. now, the dealers in south china are still in a primitive era. they rely on credit. what else do they focus on crop research? is there a focus on pest control? or focus on building the agricultural industry chain? without the transformation in these aspects, the traditional dealers will undoubtedly die, must transform, and the retailers will also transform.
many excellent retailers have rich agricultural knowledge. if the planting technology is not as good as that of farmers, then the stickiness of farmers is very poor. the era of pure promotion and gift giving has passed. in the field area, the dealers do plant protection, fly defense and land trusteeship. one mu of land trusteeship is about 300 yuan to 400 yuan per mu. from planting to harvest, they can guarantee everything and the common people can eat it. this is the land circulation. but the cost of land circulation in the economic zone is too high, and there are many uncertain factors caused by natural disasters such as typhoon, so large-scale land circulation is very difficult.
2019 is a very turbulent year, and the whole industry has entered a "stock age".
in order to empower channels, agricultural enterprises should first form a set of service platform system with products as the core, and form a community of common destiny with dealers and retailers with similar values. instead of suspecting each other, cutting off the dealers or the large direct supply households of the retailers, on the surface, the price difference in the middle is very attractive, but it will soon be found that, in the end, the market is in a mess, and the enterprises have no experience and strength to serve the growers at all.
how to empower the growers is the key link in the sale of agricultural materials. at present, china's food is absolutely enough for people to eat, but china's food security has not been well resolved. the global food supply and price, which are basically monopolized by the world's four major grain merchants, are very problematic. in the feed industry, more than 80% of china's corn and soybeans are imported; southeast asia's fruits and grains are pouring into the domestic market, so china's agriculture is really in an environment of internal and external troubles and ups and downs. the quality of imported fruits and crops is better than that of china. the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is less. chemical fertilizers are basically not used several times. what we pay attention to is natural ripeness. for example, the developed countries in europe, the netherlands, israel and belgium, do soilless cultivation and have no soil at all. they can grow in water tanks. the yield of a tomato can reach dozens of tons, which is caused by the extreme lack of materials and land in their countries. but in china, we produce enough food and vegetables for 2 billion people to eat, so our production capacity will always be surplus. in such a big environment, the quality of our agricultural products needs to be improved in many aspects.
large scale planting is the leader, while medium and small scale planting is the skeleton. in fact, the retail economy is the last trend in the future. unlike the farming industry, the farming industry is full of big investors, and the retail investors can't do farming. the cultivation innovation of large households is to coexist the cultivation of large households and small farms. there is also a company retail model put forward by wynn group, which forms a large industrial chain, such as pig raising. from pig seedlings to feed, all of them are done well for retail investors, and finally all of them are done for retail investors. in the future, retail farming may also change to the way of company farmer. for example, there are more than 40000 mu of land in a place, involving 10000 farmers, each farmer planting four mu of land. but i will have requirements for you. seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and management methods need to be ordered and implemented according to the company's standards. the quality of agricultural products produced by farmers meets the standards, and the company recycles them, and plants them according to the company's standards the natural price of agricultural products is higher than that of ordinary agricultural products.
therefore, in the future, there will be many forms of co-existence of retail planting and large-scale planting. in the future, the planting mode of company plus farmers will give wings to the industrial chain. for example, jiali grain and oil has transferred hundreds of thousands of mu of land in the wuchang area of northeast china. all these land are all kinds of rice, which are recycled by jiali grain and oil, and become golden dragon fish rice after deep processing. for example, cofco's xilinmen brand is also based on this model, and all places have such order type rice, so in the future, order agriculture will integrate the power of retail investors to form a new agricultural ecosystem.
there is no point in clamouring about the age of the big family and the cultivation of the small family. this kind of argument is unnecessary and can't be generalized. china's rural areas are very complex. the rural economy and policies are related to the national policies and lifeblood. it can't be said that the land transfer will be carried out in a swarm. we must think about where and what the people who have no land go. only by taking the road of a new type of agricultural ecosystem and integrating the resources of individual farmers, growers and all aspects, can china's agriculture show a three-dimensional comprehensive development, which can not only accommodate more people to work in it, but also enable china's farmers to become rich by planting. in this era of overcapacity, smart agriculture is needed to arm china's agriculture, large groups and industrial chain companies are needed to stand up, such as kerry grain and oil for rice, golden dragon fish rice, seeds are provided by me, fertilizer is also provided by her, farmers are only responsible for planting, and there are people to collect after planting, which is the future order agriculture. a large number of single brands in the fields of agricultural materials, fertilizers, pesticides and so on will disappear, and later agricultural materials brands will not exist, and the future agricultural ecosystem will develop into order agriculture. after the start of large-scale order agriculture, what brand content you use and what is your leading role? i am a manufacturer, i am a platform provider, and what can i provide you.
now, feed, is there any feed brand? no, there used to be this brand, that brand. why can wynn become a brand now? because the farmers have no choice, the future farmers will also enter this era. the competition between them will enter into a magnificent development process of china's smart agriculture.

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