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release time:2020-08-10
"is there anyone else watching the circle of friends now?"
"can the circle of friends still sell like wechat merchants did in the past?"
in recent years, especially since 2018, we have found two trends in the circle of friends. one is that compared with the past, the number of people who watch the circle of friends is less and less, and the interaction between the circle of friends and friends is also less and less. more and more people use the circle of friends to start selling goods, send various advertisements and various marketing information two objective trends.
first of all, think about the first question, do marketing in the circle of friends, and send messages in the circle of friends. is there anyone else to watch? now many friends who are engaged in agricultural means of production, and those who open agricultural materials stores also make friends. however, one problem is that people always think that there will be a lot of praise from the circle of friends, and some people will come to inquire about the price. this kind of thinking of quick success and instant benefit will only make people more and more impetuous, and will only make many things unable to persist. if you want to cash in the circle of friends in a day, or a week, or a month, it is impossible. but if you can persist in three months, six months, or even more than a year in the circle of friends, as long as you insist on exporting value, you will be able to realize realization and bring us more offline customers through the circle of friends. it's not that no one in the circle of friends is watching, and there is no effect. it's that we should insist on continuous development.
many friends will have two tangles about the marketing of the circle of friends. the first one is whether or not to make a circle of friends. if you make more, you are afraid to disturb others, and if you have less, you will be forgotten. the second one is how to make a circle of friends. if you say more people don't pay for it, if you don't understand less, others don't understand.
always share for those who appreciate and trust us. circle for those who see, share for those who like, and speak for those who believe.
tiktok, a farmer, and a dealer in agricultural products, can be locked in our wechat friends' circle. there are two kinds of traffic flow. one is called public domain traffic, for example, the jitter, the media and the live broadcast are coming from all traffic entrance. but we can exchange and reallocate private domain traffic through wechat one to one communication and wechat locking customers. in the circle of friends, we have very precise target customers.
do wechat marketing, do circle of friends marketing can not spend a cent, as long as you adhere to the output content. all the agricultural materials dealers should know that in recent years, with the continuous decline of agricultural products prices and the saturation of agricultural products competition, we are making less and less money, selling less and less goods, and the pressure of operation is increasing. wechat is still the main tool for people's daily communication. as long as people use wechat, their marketing value always exists.
circle of friends marketing has three functions
1. output value, people want to hear. we have to share with users what they want to hear, what they want to learn and what they need.
2. build trust and make people believe. the ultimate goal of marketing is to make others believe us.
3. create personal ip, let people follow. stores that don't make money are selling goods, and those that make money are selling people.
the core value of circle of friends marketing is not selling goods, but "hypnosis"
the greatest value of advertising language is to hypnotize us and make decisions involuntarily. if you share some dry goods content that growers want in the circle of friends and you persist for a period of time, they will involuntarily want to make friends with you and come to your store to choose relevant products.
why isn't your circle of friends watched?
1. no prestige. you don't believe what you say
2. no dry stuff. your content doesn't help people.
if you want to let others see your circle of friends, you must adhere to two points: the external image should have prestige, and the internal content should have dry goods.
there are two fulcrums of circle of friends marketing, one is image and the other is content. image represents who you are and content represents what you say. both are indispensable.
people are more and more rational, and no one believes in the way of deception. now the information sent by agricultural means workers must be from the perspective of users to send what they want, so that others will not be disgusted, feel very comfortable, and bask in themselves in a low-key way.
for agricultural materials dealers, what is drying?
with the help of all parties, let yourself become an engine of knowledge. there are two forms of showing the circle of friends: the part to be photographed should be very bright and attractive; someone must be on the camera, people in the village and people familiar with it.
using contrast to highlight product advantages
1. send more original content and less reprint;
2. give more praise to the big growers, and reply quickly if the other party gives you a message;
3. create a good sales scene, take photos in the field and take short videos;
4. use more questions;
5. don't talk to farmers in a literal or empty way. the more simple and easy to understand, the better;
6. present the results. one of the core skills of marketing in the circle of friends is to tell the other party what they want;
7. initiate action. marketing in the circle of friends is not to sell goods immediately, but the other party must initiate action.



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