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release time:2018-12-13
now that winter is coming, it's time to plan to freeze the orchard! here to remind fruit growers: watering frozen underwater hands must be ruthless.
water management of fruit trees advocates shallow irrigation in the growing season, and there are many disadvantages of overflow irrigation in the whole orchard. only frozen water advocates overflow irrigation in large water, so that water should be saturated and watered thoroughly. there are many advantages to watering the beautiful orchard before freezing. first, it can improve the cold resistance of fruit trees and promote the release of latent heat and soil condensation heat. second, it can eliminate some overwintering pests. after watering, it can effectively freeze or suffocate a part of the overwintering pests lurking in the root and soil of fruit trees. after watering, the oxygen content in soil decreases and the temperature decreases, which can greatly reduce the emergence rate of pupae. third, it can accelerate the maturation of organic fertilizer. it is conducive to the absorption of minerals by the root system of fruit trees, thus increasing the accumulation of nutrients in the tree body. fourth, it can prevent freezing and drying. winter irrigation can alleviate the contradiction of insufficient water supply for fruit trees in winter, and avoid freezing and drying caused by water shortage for fruit trees. fifthly, it can prevent soil wind erosion, especially the poor cohesion of loose soil in hilly areas and riverside beaches. winter irrigation can make the soil in a wet state, and achieve the purpose of both moisture, heat preservation and freezing prevention, so as to prevent wind erosion and strengthen soil and water conservation. sixthly, sufficient water is conducive to loosening the soil and improving soil compaction in the process of freezing and thawing.
the watering time of frozen water is exquisite. if the fruit trees were watered too early, the dormancy period would be delayed, which would easily transform flower buds into leaf buds, and affect the fruit setting rate in the next year. if the fruit trees were watered too late, frost damage would easily occur. the specific time of winter irrigation varies according to the phenology of different places. in alpine areas, the irrigation time should be earlier. in pingchuan area, if the cold current comes early, the irrigation time should also be advanced. early freezing and noon extinction of orchard topsoil is the best time.
"orchards are not watered in winter, frozen and drought; orchards are watered in winter, and spring blossoms beautifully." the frozen water must be saturated and watered thoroughly, and the infiltration of water should be at least 50 centimeters.
when fruit trees enter winter dormancy, nutrients begin to flow back from the tree body to the root. at this time, pouring frozen water can not only ensure the safe overwintering of fruit trees, but also lay a good foundation for fruit tree production in the coming year. especially in this year's dry weather, watering well the frozen water is very important. because watering well frozen water can accelerate the maturation of organic fertilizer, is conducive to the absorption of minerals by the root system of fruit trees, thus increasing the accumulation of nutrients, is conducive to the differentiation and development of flower buds in winter and spring; watering well frozen water can make the soil reserve sufficient moisture, increase soil temperature, meet the slight transpiration of fruit trees, prevent the hazards of overwintering drought and freezing, and benefit the flowering of fruit trees in the next year. results: pouring frozen water can effectively freeze or suffocate a part of the pests latent in the root of fruit trees and the soil overwintering. after watering, the oxygen content in the soil decreases, the emergence rate of pupae can be greatly reduced, and the harm of pests and diseases in the next year can be alleviated.

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