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release time:2019-04-11
in daily life, crops are always inseparable from the application of fertilizers, fertilizers can give crops the nutrients needed to promote crop growth. and what is the effect of water-soluble fertilizer as a kind of fertilizer? how to choose water-soluble fertilizer with large amount of elements?
what are the effects of water-soluble fertilizers with large amounts of elements
1. promotion and activation: activate plant cell growth system, promote crop vertical and horizontal growth, accelerate cell division, supplement nutrients, stimulate crop growth, break dormancy, promote plant rapid germination, supplement nutrition, promote flower bud differentiation, strong plant body, vigorous buds and seedlings.
2. promoting roots and seedlings: according to the principle of plant growth, solve the root difficult to absorb obstacles, regulate the growth balance, strengthen the plant body, promote roots, strong roots, protect roots, maintain roots, root more strong, root strong buds, stimulate new roots, improve crop growth environment, reduce physiological growth retardation.
3. fruit enlargement: promote pollen tube elongation, increase fruit setting rate, prevent flower and fruit falling, reduce fruit cracking and malformation; increase the toughness of fruit stalk, enlarge fruit, sweeten and colour, and make fruit crisp and juicy.
4. detoxification and decay prevention: effectively alleviate crop pesticide and fertilizer damage, remove toxins, loosen soil, alleviate hardening, activate plant terminal cells, delay plant aging, prevent premature decay of crops, increase harvesting times, effectively increase crop yield, quality and value-added.
5. bio-resistance: microbial chelating purification at low temperature promotes rapid uptake of crops, increases the activity of endogenous enzymes, supplements nutrients needed by plants, enhances photosynthesis, improves soil environment, automatically switching growth systems, improves drought, waterlogging and salt-alkali resistance, and solves slow growth obstacles caused by repeated cropping.
6. disease resistance and fertility protection: automatically open the immune system, inhibit bacterial infection, lock fertilizer and fix nitrogen and water, reduce fertility loss, stimulate crop growth, break dormancy, promote rapid germination of plants, supplement nutrients.
how to choose and purchase water-soluble fertilizers with large elements
first, look at the contents of a large number of elements and trace elements on the packaging bags.
according to the standard of water-soluble fertilizer with large amount of elements, the single nutrient content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should not be less than 4%, and the sum of the three elements should not be less than 50%. if a large number of elements in the package are labeled less than 4%, or the total of three elements is less than 50%, it shows that such products are not qualified. trace element content refers to the sum of copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron and molybdenum. the product should contain at least one trace element, and a single trace element with a content not less than 0.05% should be included in the trace element content.
2. look at the labeling of various specific nutrients on the packaging bags.
water-soluble fertilizers with high quality and large amounts of elements are clearly labeled for guaranteed components (including large amounts of elements and trace elements), and they are all single labeled with clear nutrient content. the nutrient content of the irregular manufacturer usually appears as the sum of several elements > a few percent. if labeled in this way, the product is irregular.
3. look at product formulation and registered crops.
water-soluble fertilizer with a large number of elements is a kind of formula fertilizer. generally, high-quality water-soluble fertilizer has several formulas. from seedling stage to harvest, suitable formula can be found. if the package clearly says that it is a special fertilizer for a certain crop, one or two formulas play a dominant role in the world, this kind of practice is irregular. formal registered fertilizer crops are one or several crops, and for unregistered crops, local experience is needed.
4. see if there are product implementation standards, product generic names and fertilizer registration certificate numbers.
generally speaking, water-soluble fertilizer, in fact, its product name is water-soluble fertilizer with a large number of elements. the general implementation standard is ny1107-2010. if this standard does not appear on the packaging, it means that it is not water-soluble fertilizer. many water-soluble fertilizer packages are marked with gb at the beginning, indicating that such products are not qualified. in addition, it also depends on whether it has a fertilizer registration certificate number. if you have doubts about the product, you can check its fertilizer registration certificate number online. qualified water-soluble fertilizers with large quantities of elements, fertilizer registration certificate number and manufacturer can find it. if you can't find it, it means that the product is not qualified.
5. see if there are anti-counterfeiting signs.
generally, water-soluble fertilizers manufactured by regular manufacturers have anti-counterfeiting labels on the packaging bags. they are the "identity cards" of fertilizers. the anti-counterfeiting labels on each package of fertilizers are different. after scraping open, the authenticity of fertilizers can be known by inputting numbers on the internet or by telephone. whether there is anti-counterfeiting label on the package is an important index to judge the quality of fertilizer. many unqualified products generally do not have anti-counterfeiting label.
6. pay attention to metal content on packaging bags.
the heavy metal ion content of water-soluble fertilizers produced by regular factories is lower than the national standard, and has obvious labeling. if there is no label on the fertilizer package that pays attention to the metal content, please use it carefully.
see dissolution.
dissolution of fertilizer in water is the most important method to distinguish the quality of water-soluble fertilizer. high-quality water-soluble fertilizers dissolve in water and quickly clarify the solution without residue and sediment. if the fertilizer can not be completely dissolved in water, there are residues, indicating that the quality of fertilizer is not very good.
8. look at the appearance.
the water-soluble fertilizer products with good quality are uniform and crystalline. if you see particles of different sizes, especially those similar to compound fertilizer particles, do not buy.

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