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release time:2019-07-05

the important fertilization principle of water-soluble fertilizer is: a small number of times, this is because the root system of plants has the characteristics of continuous absorption of nutrients, so it is necessary to reduce a large amount of one-time fertilization, because a large amount of one-time fertilization will cause damage to plants and material losses.
water-soluble fertilizers are usually sprayed, irrigated or applied through irrigation equipment. especially under the condition of drip irrigation and fertilization, the root system grew densely and quantitatively. at this time, the dependence on soil nutrient supply decreased, and more on the nutrient provided by drip irrigation. there are higher requirements for the rational proportion and concentration of nutrients. if the formula is not balanced, it will affect crop growth.
cautions for fertilization by drip irrigation
first of all, when applying fertilizer by drip irrigation, first drip clear water, wait for the pipeline to be filled with water, then start fertilizing. drip clear water for 20-30 minutes immediately after fertilization, and drain all the remaining fertilizer in the pipeline. secondly, long-term fertilization with drip irrigation in greenhouse or greenhouse will cause surface salt accumulation and affect root growth. submulch drip irrigation can be used to inhibit salt migration to the surface. third, pay attention to the uniformity of fertilization. in principle, the slower the application of fertilizer, the better. especially for elements with poor mobility in soil, prolonging fertilization time can greatly improve the utilization rate of nutrients that are difficult to move.
reasonable irrigation to avoid excess
as far as irrigation is concerned, it is generally enough to keep the depth of the root layer moist. root depth varies greatly from crop to crop. the specific depth of the root layer can be known by digging the soil at any time with a shovel. excessive irrigation not only wastes water, but also leaches nutrients below the root layer, wastes fertilizers and reduces crop yields. in particular, urea and nitrate nitrogen fertilizers are easily lost with water. when applied in combination with other fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers are usually used only as topdressing. do not replace other fertilizers with water-soluble fertilizers, but use them together to reduce costs and give full play to the advantages of various fertilizers.

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