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release time:2019-08-30

at 3:12 on august 8, it officially entered the "autumn festival". liqiu is the 13th solar term in the 24 solar terms, and the first solar term in autumn.
how big is the impact of "liqiu" on farming?
for our farmers, autumn means that crops are ripening. this is the critical period of agricultural activities. so, how much influence does "liqiu" have on farming?
_effect of temperature
temperature not only has a great impact on people, but also on crops, which can determine the speed of crop ripening.
temperature can regulate the synthesis and development of ripening active substances in plants, such as ethylene, abscisic acid and other substances, so that the yield of crops matures very quickly, accelerate the ripening speed, can mature early and harvest early.
_effect of water content
after autumn, rainfall in natural environment decreases gradually, soil moisture decreases gradually, crop demand for water decreases with the decrease of temperature. summer crops are about to enter the mature stage, and then begin to mature, reaching the stage of melon ripening.
after autumn, due to the decrease of water content, summer crops also gradually reduce water content, began to decline and grow old and mature.
_the influence of illumination
after autumn, the sun's position shifted, the light intensity gradually weakened, and the photosynthesis ability decreased. with the decrease of temperature and water, the synthesis of ripening active hormones in crops gradually increased, and the amount of accumulation increased. crop products began to mature rapidly and decline, and crops entered the mature period.
after autumn, the weakening of light intensity has a serious impact on the growth and development of crops requiring strong light, such as rice, soybean, corn, sweet potato and so on, leading to rapid decline and maturity. therefore, light has a great effect on the later development of crops.
what should we pay attention to in agricultural activities?
so how should we deal with these changes?
various crops grow vigorously, late rice blossoms and fruits, soybean pods, maize tasseling and silking, cotton potatoes, sweet potato tubers swell rapidly, water requirements are very urgent, this period of drought will cause irreparable losses to the final crop.
so there are "three rains in the first autumn, turning rice into rice" and "rain in the second autumn, gold everywhere". so peasant friends have to water their crops more during this period.
after the beginning of autumn, the weather gradually becomes cooler. in addition to applying a quick-acting fertilizer to the poorer growing fields, it is necessary to keep up with the management, pruning and old leaves removal in time to reduce losses and prevent the quality from becoming inferior. agricultural proverbs say, "seven digs of gold, eight digs of silver", autumn digging can eliminate weeds, loosen soil, improve water conservation and water storage capacity, if combined with fertilization, crops can grow better.
the autumn season is also a time when a variety of crop diseases and pests are concentrated, such as rice stem borer, rice leaf roller, rice planthopper, cotton bollworm and corn borer. we should strengthen the prediction and control, and use targeted pesticides as early as possible to control different crop pests.
in a word, after autumn, the change of temperature, the decrease of water content and the decrease of light intensity play a very important role in the growth and development of crops, and have great practical significance in promoting the maturity and harvest of crops.

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