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release time:2020-03-27

boron is one of the indispensable microelements in the growth of plants, and its role cannot be replaced, but many farmers did not pay attention to it before, and the use of boron fertilizer has been gradually paid attention to in recent years. in fact, it is the farmers' previous understanding and use of boron fertilizer are uneven.
some people use basic fertilizer; some people use leaf spray; some people think that boron magnesium fertilizer is better than simple boron fertilizer; some people think that boron is a trace element, and one supplement is enough; some people think that n, p, k are important, and they prefer to apply more compound fertilizer, which leads to the phenomenon of serious boron deficiency in most soils in china.
boron is the key
boron is one of the indispensable elements for flowering and fruit bearing of crops. many crops have a large demand for boron fertilizer. crop lack of boron, less flowering, more malformed flowers, low fruit setting rate, cork, serious abnormal withering of new shoots of leaves and other problems!
most fruit trees are sensitive to boron, for example, orange leaves with boron deficiency, stone fruit, apple fruit disease with boron deficiency, malformed fruit and so on. grapes lack of boron, with few spikes and large and small grains. for example, watermelon deformity melon, pomelo lack of boron dry water, watermelon lack of boron empty melon and so on, are related to the lack of boron!
then, we know that boron deficiency affects flowering and fruit setting, and it also affects fruit shape, fruit evenness and other issues!
it's very important to know "boron". how to supplement boron effectively?
1. the soil was poisoned by too much boron and then lacked boron;
2. boron in the old leaves is difficult to transfer to the new shoots, flowers and fruits. boron is similar to calcium. when boron in the old leaves is insufficient, boron in the new leaves will flow back to the old leaves;
3. the boron sprayed product on the blade surface is not suitable and cannot be transferred in the plant;
4. the method of boron supplement is not right, which can not keep the balance of boron element in the plant at every stage of crop growth.
to supplement boron effectively and grasp the key points
take citrus as an example: boron supplement needs annual spraying to meet the needs of crops at all stages of boron, to prevent boron deficiency and defective fruit, and to increase the proportion of high-quality fruit.
2-3 months flower bud stage: 1-2 times, strong flowers, reduce abnormal flowers;
from april to may, the period of keeping fruit stable: 3-4 times, keeping fruit, the fruit type is regular, reducing falling fruit;
expansion period in june: 2 times to prevent internal cracking of dry water;
july september autumn shoot stage: 2 times, promote the autumn shoot neat, accumulate and promote the flower nutrition, increase sugar and color;
12-2 months postharvest: twice to promote flower bud differentiation.
what are the benefits of using boron fertilizer?
promote the formation and development of flower organs and increase the fruit setting rate
the results show that the concentration of boron has a great influence on the growth of pollen tube. when the concentration of boron is too low, the pollen tube stops growing and cannot be fertilized; only when the concentration of boron reaches 17.5mg/kg, the normal fertilization process can be carried out. therefore, the formation and development of flower organs are directly related to boron.
increase the toughness between cells, promote smooth and delicate skin development, and improve fruit quality
at present, the fruit has entered the stage of fruit expansion, and many orchards have rough skin and unsmooth fruit surface. the results showed that the peak of boron requirement of fruit trees was the fruit expansion period after the flowering period, indicating that the expansion period had stronger boron absorption capacity. however, the lack of boron in fruit trees will lead to leaf hypertrophy, leaf vein swelling, rough peel development, thickening and swelling of peel, and poor fruit quality. therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the supplementary use of boron during the fruit expansion period.
at the same time, improve the absorption of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese and other nutrients by fruit trees
boron deficiency not only reduced the boron content of fruit trees, but also significantly affected the absorption of other mineral elements, especially the content of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and manganese. the application of boron makes the magnesium content of old leaves reach the normal level, while the absence of boron makes the magnesium content of old leaves in the range of serious lack.
promote the germination of autumn shoots, promote the differentiation of flower buds, make autumn shoots neat and healthy, sufficient nutrition accumulation, and avoid fruit bearing in large and small years.
boron can increase the resistance of plants
boron application can promote the formation of vitamin c, and the increase of vitamin c can improve the stress resistance of crops.
boron can promote cell division and elongation
boron deficiency can inhibit the growth of root tip and lateral root and stop the growth. the density of main root and lateral root will decrease because of boron deficiency, which will affect the absorptive capacity of crops.
the above is the role of boron fertilizer. boron is very important, especially from march to may. learn to use boron correctly, and your income will increase more than 10 times.

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