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【official website】test report of root force buchong fertilization on tomatoes-pg电子下载

test crop: tomato
fertilizer application period: seedling stage and early flowering stage (once each application)
fertilization time: june 14 and 22, 2016
test site: changqingyuan farm, huiji district, zhengzhou city
testers: yu zhaoli and wang jianwei
time of investigation: 2 july 2016
i. test purpose
field experiments were conducted to verify the effects of root tonic on vegetative growth, flowering and fruit hanging of tomatoes, and to provide practical basis for the promotion and application of root tonic and flushing fertilization.
ii. test materials
test product: root tonic (5kg/barrel)
iii. test design
3.1 dosage setting
test treatment: root tonic (5kg/mu); control: the same kind of manufacturer spraying fertilizer
usage: flush with water
3.2 trial arrangements
three treatments were arranged: 5kg/mu.
processing area: 2 square meters, each processing and set three repetitions.
3.3 investigation methods and contents
method of investigation: five-point sampling method was used and five points (2 trees per point) were investigated for each treatment.
content of investigation: plant height, number of fruit hanging.
iv. results investigation
4.1 effect of root force supplement on tomato plant growth (see figure below)

conclusion: the growth of tomato plants is good, the plant height is obviously increased, the plant bifurcation is more, and the height of tomato plants is increased by 23.19% compared with the control.
effect of 4.2 root force supplement on tomato fruit hanging
table 1. effect of root force supplement on tomato fruit hanging

conclusion: tomato larvae were fed with root tonic flushing fertilizer at 5 kg/mu interval of 8 days. after two times, the number of fruit hanging increased by 21.95% compared with the control. compared with the control, the tomato plants in root tonic test had uniform fruit color, good fruit shape and more fruit hanging quantity, which could increase the yield per mu of tomato and increase the income.
v. conclusion and discussion
the results showed that the tomato plants grew well, the stalks were strong and the leaves were dark green, which was beneficial to fruit coloring, good selling and increasing yield. root tonic is rich in a variety of nutrients needed by plants, which can meet the nutritional needs of tomato larvae during the whole growth period.

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