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publisher:adminrelease time:2019-02-28
abstract: recently, the central committee of the communist party of china and the state council issued a number of opinions on adhering to the priority of agricultural and rural development and doing a good job in the work of agriculture, countryside and farme
recently, the central committee of the communist party of china and the state council issued a number of opinions on adhering to the priority of agricultural and rural development and doing a good job in the work of "agriculture, countryside and farmers" (referred to as "opinions") in 2019. following the announcement of "no. 1911" issued by the agricultural office of agriculture around the central committee's no. 1 document, a more specific explanation of the central committee's no. 1 document has been given, which is necessary to give our agricultural channel bus tao said that there are five major points, which are the development direction and golden opportunity of our agricultural channel business. we must grasp and practice in the future agricultural business.
opportunities for several major crops.
notice no. 20191 clarifies that rice and wheat must be guaranteed, and further improves the minimum purchase price of rice and wheat, that is to say, the status of rice and wheat as staple grains remains unchanged. a perfect meaning is likely to raise the minimum purchase price, because there is a following sentence: "perfecting the compensation mechanism for interests of major grain-producing areas, protecting farmers'enthusiasm for grain production and actively grasping grain by local governments." sex ", if food prices remain so depressed, farmers who come to actively invite, so in 2019, rice and wheat districts channel traders can still live very well, as long as there is no major natural disasters, but also have food to eat. other crops are mentioned in this notice: soybean, peanut, rape, cotton and sugar. soybean and peanut will definitely increase more than 5 million mu in the northeast and huanghuai hai regions this year, and strive to stabilize cotton area at 50 million mu and sugar area at about 23 million mu. therefore, there are local channel traders for these crops. when you choose products, try to go to these crops as far as possible. crops rely on, the state encourages planting, there must be measures to protect, with national security, you follow, business will not be bad.
second, opportunities to improve quality.
there is no shortage of agricultural products in china, but there is a shortage of good agricultural products. i think the government has understood this problem before it specifically wrote it in document no. 1. notice no. 20191 gives two ways to improve the quality of agricultural products. the first is to optimize the planting structure, consolidate the results of structural adjustment of maize in non-dominant areas, appropriately reduce rice planting in low-quality and inefficient areas, and adjust and reduce rice planting in northeast china. well irrigated rice planting in sewage overexploitation area. that is to say, maize cultivation will be further concentrated in a few areas, rice cultivation will be transferred to the huaihe river, yangtze river water source has advantages. the second is to increase the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products. we will vigorously develop high-quality rice, special wheat, high-quality edible soybeans, double-low rapeseed, high-quality cotton, high-yield and high-sugar sugarcane, etc. to improve product quality and increase planting efficiency. this will have a very big relationship with our agricultural channel business. only after you provide high quality planting, pesticides and fertilizers, can the farmer produce high quality agricultural products. this is also the best opportunity for our agricultural stores to upgrade. we hope that our agricultural channel business will abandon the inferior agricultural assets in their warehouses as soon as possible and upgrade along with the national policy.
3. zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and opportunities for organic fertilizers to replace chemical fertilizers.
in recent years, we can feel that zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is not the slogan of the government, we are all experienced personally. this point, since written in document no. 1, shows that the country is still unsatisfactory, we still have to continue. first of all, we should talk about organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer. at present, this plan has been piloted in 100 counties for several years. it may be popularized in a large area soon. in 2019, we must add a little more organic fertilizer in our warehouse. we should first push it forward and sum up our experience. don't change our national policy at that time, you. you'll be caught off guard. secondly, we must seriously understand the phrase "to ensure that the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer will be raised to over 40% by 2020". at present, the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer in our country is only over 20%. to achieve such a great improvement in recent years, it is necessary for our farmers to completely abandon the fertilization habits of decades, abandon large chemical fertilizers and use water-soluble fertilizers with higher utilization rate. our agricultural channel business has great opportunities, but you must start to prepare, from 2019, to promote more water-soluble fertilizer, one of which can increase our profits. in the past, selling a ton of large chemical fertilizer can only earn 1-200, but now selling a ton of water-soluble fertilizer may earn thousands, but you have to sell it and promote it. now is a good time for you to sum up your experience. don't miss it. second, it is also a good time for you to do so. it is a policy to follow the national policy of reducing weight and increasing efficiency and improving fertilizer utilization rate. in 2019, water-soluble fertilizers must be the beginning of an explosion, depending on whether you can seize this opportunity.
4. opportunities for soil improvement.

last year, many agricultural channel traders and farmers felt indifferent to the "ten rules of tu" and "ten rules of water", and felt that the government was just shouting slogans, but this matter has been written in the no. 1 document, which should arouse our attention. in recent years, soil diseases have been particularly serious. in some successive cropping systems, they have become very serious. if the soil is damaged, what good crops can be planted? notice no. 20191 has clearly listed "optimizing the environment of producing areas and implementing the pure land project" as the agenda. according to the analysis of the policy wind direction and actual situation in recent years, soil improvement is the biggest business opportunity in the field of agricultural resources in the future. now the state has promoted it. we hope that our channel traders can seize this opportunity and promote more organic fertilizer. there must be products of soil improvement and no-deep tillage on your shelf. products.
fifth, opportunities for fine fertilization and mechanization.
no. 20191 pointed out that "in areas with good farmland infrastructure and irrigation conditions, irrigation and fertilization systems should be established by drip irrigation under mulch, drip irrigation under shallow burial, ridge and furrow irrigation. water-soluble fertilizers should be matched to achieve water-fertilizer coupling". that is to say, we must now begin to contact and promote these technologies to provide the products and guidance needed for these fertilization technologies. fa, when you have mastered these tools and methods, your local farmers are yours. what products can't you sell then? now that we have passed the stage of selling only products, we must start from the needs of farmers and import products in the right way, which is the most correct agricultural marketing.
no. 20191 also said that we should vigorously promote mechanized planting. why is american agriculture developed and the price of agricultural products cheap? because of large-scale planting and mechanized planting, less than 10% of the agricultural practitioners have planted 90% of the agricultural products in the united states. i think since the country has written this in no. 1 document, it certainly wants to develop to this mode, but anything. need a process, the large machinery is still in the large farm at present, as a scattered channel business, we should pay more attention to the mature flight prevention and small machinery tools, such as fertilizer spreader, mist sprayer, hand-pulled film mulching machine, seedling planter, twig machine, weeder and so on. these practical tools can be popularized to farmers to use first, so that you can make good profits. second, to help farmers effectively reduce labor costs, farmers will naturally be grateful to you, these tools are sold in china agricultural average alliance yinongyun mall, you can first go to understand.
in 2019, we invite our distributors to grasp these five points, and cut them into your products, adjust their business ideas, follow the national policy, and make our agricultural stores bigger and stronger than your local competitors.

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