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release time:2019-04-17
agriculture is a special commodity, which is related to farmers'annual harvest. agricultural assets sales competition is fierce, each businessman in the agricultural sales of strange tricks, but how to look at trend marketing, in order to make the best sales performance of agricultural stores?
two strategies of promotion in agricultural stores
the sales work of agricultural stores is very flexible. in the sales process, experienced distributors are good at reviewing the situation and cleverly using marketing strategies to facilitate transactions. there are two strategies for promotion:
tentative strategy
that is "stimulus-response" strategy. distributors use stimulating methods to trigger consumer buying behavior.
distributors try out customers by throwing stones and asking for directions, observe their reactions, and then take corresponding measures. therefore, the key to using tentative strategy is to arouse the positive reaction of customers and stimulate their desire to buy.
targeted strategy
that is, "formula - transaction". through the use of targeted persuasion methods, distributors can promote the occurrence of customer purchase behavior.
the premise of adopting a targeted strategy is that the distributor already has a basic grasp of the amount of land the customers cultivate and what crops they grow in advance.
only in this way can we effectively design the promotion methods, earnestly and realistically, purposefully publicize and introduce agricultural materials, persuade customers to buy, so that customers feel that the distributors really serve themselves, so as to happily buy the recommended agricultural materials.
"sweeping" marketing is worth learning from
there is a car dealer who has won the first place in customer satisfaction for 13 consecutive years. the key to success is simply sweeping the floor.
however, they clean not only the interior of the shop, but also the neighboring streets around 2 kilometers. it is because of long-term persistence that they bring more than 200 kilometers of customers and good feeling.
operators said that all the trivial things are big things for customers, dealers should know how to accumulate trivial things to achieve great things.
a smile on the dealer's face and a little decoration on the store may affect the purchase intention of customers. as a distributor of agricultural stores, we need to understand some truth from the practice of this automobile shop and apply it to marketing.
as agricultural material is a special commodity, it is related to farmers'annual harvest. if agricultural stores do small things well and give more human care to customers, they will leave a good impression on customers.
ask customers to say "yes" in affiliated sales

in order to let customers say "yes" to the recommendation, it is necessary to eliminate the compulsory instillation of absolute customers and reduce or avoid the appearance of "no".
therefore, in the initial stage of communication, after a brief understanding of the actual situation of the buyer, we need to design a series of topics for customers to constantly say "yes", cultivate their inertia to say "yes", and extend to the moment of sales.
for example, when customers buy pesticides in stores, distributors can timely ask, "what crops are used for spraying?" "do you want to buy low-priced pesticides?" "is it the first time to use this pesticide?" most customers will be accustomed to saying "yes". at this time, distributors can recommend suitable pesticides to customers for the first time, so that the pesticides they buy can play an insecticidal role.
agricultural dealers talk about "seven taboos"
as an agricultural dealer, what speech skills should be paid attention to in the process of talking with customers? when dealing with customers, agricultural dealers should pay attention to their own mouth, use their own mouth, and remember to speak "seven taboos".
avoid arguing
when communicating with customers, agricultural dealers should never forget their occupation and identity. you should know that arguing with customers can't solve any problems, it will only arouse customers'disgust.
avoid questioning
when communicating with customers, agricultural distributors should understand and respect customers'ideas and views. they must not talk to customers by questioning.
taboo order
when talking with customers, agricultural dealers should show a little smile, be kind, speak softly and softly. they should communicate with customers in the tone of consultation, consultation or consultation. they must not talk with people in the tone of command and instructions.
avoid straightforward
as the saying goes, "hit people not to shame, uncover people not to expose shortcomings".
when dealers communicate with customers, if they find that they have inappropriate knowledge, they should not point out directly that he is neither right nor wrong. the most taboo of ordinary people is to lose face and embarrassment in front of others.
avoid professional
distributors must not use technical terms when marketing new agricultural products to customers. because some technical terms are difficult to understand, if you advertise them in front of customers, they think you are cheating them.
avoid frigid
when talking with customers, we must be enthusiastic in attitude, sincere in language, genuine in speech and behavior, enthusiastic and unrestrained, sincere and sincere in words and deeds.

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