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release time:2019-04-24
agricultural industry is not so calm every year, just the so-called three years of floods and droughts, good weather and three years of rain, no matter how big the storm in the market, farmers can always cope with flexible, but in the agricultural market in 2019, many people feel pain, this pain comes from the market's weakness, from the end of the spring festival to the present has been weak, the future can not see strong hope for the time being, as the saying goes. you can never call a sleeper, nor can you support a soft market.
perhaps, i belong to a blindfold, can not see the distant mount tai, the agricultural market in front of us is just a drop in the ocean. for the pattern of the national agricultural market, that is, a place without pain or itching, just like the pain others can not understand, then, what is the cause of this phenomenon, where is the plight of agricultural resources today, agricultural colleagues. and how to deal with it?
1. the dilemma facing the agricultural market
1. agricultural capital market chaos
what's the meaning? as we all know, the price of agricultural assets has increased a lot this year, such as prochloraz, triazole fungicides, organophosphorus fungicides, etc. the price is so strong that people can't see the hope of falling. okay, go up. agricultural dealers seem to be no longer sensitive to the price increase. it seems that there is a kind of psychology which is not irreplaceable. the same is true.
there is an atmosphere of rising prices everywhere in the agricultural market, but the fact is that the agricultural distribution groups are not affected by the rising prices and raise prices with the channel traders. on the contrary, market prices, such as triazole fungicides, imidacloprid, thiazide and so on, do not rise but fall. many manufacturers have set prices high for a long time. when they see competitors selling at low prices, they take action quickly and put forward rich policies. sales promotion, late-acting products are pressed either in the factory warehouse or in the dealer warehouse, such as nails embedded in the cement wall, which is quiet and suffocating.
even some distributors advertise sales promotion, 25% thiamethoxazine 10 grams is not less than two orders (no top cover), the price is as low as 0.6 yuan per bag, pass by do not miss, found that there is a market below this price, an additional gift. this kind of promotion is only a microcosm of today's market, the promotion is not too small, the key is brand products, but this kind of promotion is not a killer mace, such as "bloodletting" big promotion, in the agricultural market in 2019 is not uncommon.
some people say that the more difficult it is to do in the market, whether it is agricultural production enterprises or agricultural distribution channels, in order to survive, they are all grinding their teeth and looking at their opponents fiercely. the "bayonet" in their hands is no longer a cover for frightening people. when they really put it together, it is a red knife and painful bone marrow.
people are depressed and caught off guard by glyphosate. we must have some old stock more or less. comparing with urine, the price of glyphosate in 2019 is like jumping off a cliff. if it does not fall, it has already fallen. the price of glyphosate dropped by an astonishing margin of 1-20,000 yuan per ton. are you happy or unexpected? well, new goods are cheaper. can inventory sell at a higher price? well, every loss processing also has to seize the time to ship, in case it continues to be cheaper?

it is easy for such a market to give an illusion to the distribution channels of agricultural resources, especially the grass-roots sellers. it is believed that, instead of this, it is better to watch the changes. even if the price increase is loud and loud, people's enthusiasm for getting goods is not high. what if it falls again? so the essence of buy-up and not buy-down has completely failed this year.
2. agricultural products market
agricultural products market is one of the key factors to determine the direction of agricultural resources. affected by the weak market of agricultural products in 2018, since 2019, although the market of some agricultural products has been good, the overall sales of agricultural resources has been declining. in march-april of previous years, it was the peak season for peony and peony medication and fertilization. because the market of traditional chinese medicines was generally depressed, farmers could not see the hope of making money, so they simply abandoned or reduced their investment. salesmen lament that in just half of the spring, agricultural sales and past years, a full decline of 30-40%, this decline, the impact on agricultural distribution groups, is still considerable.
this is the consumer psychology of farmers'friends. this year, the market of agricultural products is good, the next year will be full investment, no matter how expensive agricultural resources are willing to accept the attempt, even if the market falls sharply next year, but the expectations before the fall are good, investment is also gratifying. on the contrary, looking at hope from a weak market always makes people feel uneasy, even if the market really rises in the coming year, it is a cycle.
3. inventory clearance
for agricultural dealers, which one has no old products? but agricultural products are not liquor, after the shelf life, it is very headache. therefore, although the prices of agricultural products increased in 2018 and 2019, in 2017 (during the shelf life), agricultural assets suddenly changed from inferior to superior. today, when the price determines the sales volume (the same strength, the same brand, the same service price), price factors become the killer of influencing market sales. local wheat weeding around the spring festival, there has been a strange phenomenon, new goods can not be sold, old goods are flourishing, do not know how you have so many old goods, which is also one of the factors causing the current weak agricultural market.
2. breaking down of the agricultural market at present
it is said that methods are more difficult than difficulties. even under the premise of such a weak agricultural market, those dazzling marketing cases are particularly precious, not to mention how popular the large items stand out from the crowd, because everyone knows, but all the publicity activities that can enter the farm are the most effective way to promote sales, no matter what kind of gorgeous coat you put on for this form, face to face with farmers. you can be ahead of your competitors.
in spite of this, the reason is very simple, but it is really difficult to do. for an agricultural channeller, whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer, to achieve this step, you need the support of human, material and financial resources, and high marketing costs can only be increased through product profits. this is what we call wool on sheep, but if you don't do so, you can even do it. there is no chance to get rid of wool. for an agricultural person, it is necessary to think of farmers everywhere and let their friends use high performance-price ratio agricultural assets. although they earn less, in today's market environment, the pressure of survival is unavoidable.
but for pure businessmen, the pursuit of profit maximization is an eternal goal. whatever means are used, the people who earn the most money will be worshipped as gods. only when faced with the hard-working old peasants, the hard-earned money from their pockets and competing for the purchase of agricultural assets with very different performance-price ratios, the sentimental peasants show not the blush, but the heart. in the eyes of pure businessmen, such peasants are undoubtedly stubborn, pedantic, outdated and sand sculptures, and they deserve to be eliminated.
therefore, we can see that this year's agricultural market, there is an interesting phenomenon, that is, the normal market sales of agricultural products are not moving, on the contrary, those high-priced agricultural products have been favored, that is why.

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