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release time:2020-04-30

with the outbreak of the epidemic, the agricultural material market, which is in the throes of transformation, has become a mess. the old wounds have not yet healed and new ones have been added. the agricultural material market is moving forward in difficulty. can strong agricultural material people survive?
1. the market is weak, and the price reduction sales become a strength
some people say that when the market is full of price wars, it is a kind of incompetence and helpless performance, but it is undeniable that price wars are the most direct and crude heart tonic. with a shot, the sales of agricultural materials will be improved.
nowadays, the price war is on the rise, but the price war can not be blatant. after all, it is easy to be despised by peers. therefore, all kinds of promotion methods come on the stage in turn. after your singing, i come on the stage. the frequency of the price war is so much that the grassroots agricultural material dealers or the end users of agricultural materials have reached the point of numbness.
since the start of agricultural production enterprises, the frequency of launching special price products is relatively intensive. some special price products are indeed attractive. dealers have no reason to be indifferent, and these special price products are transferred to the market as special price promotion products. we all have the idea that we can exclude other products from the competition with very low price. when this way appears frequently, the agricultural material market is out of order.
2. hot products become the target of the public
due to the serious homogeneity of products, the price of agricultural products is relatively transparent. the more depressed the market is, the more fierce the price war will be, which is forced by the current market pressure.
nowadays, the agricultural material market is not willing to promote new products. when a large number of human and financial resources are invested to promote a product, just when it starts to improve, there may be hundreds of similar products following up. the price is not only lower, but the effect is not necessarily inferior to the new product. if the new product does not have enough strength, it will withdraw in the "encirclement and suppression" of the heroes.
there are many crises in popular products. instead, they are low-key products, and there is more room for market survival. this causes the unique phenomenon of low-key life and low-key work. for the weak agricultural material market, provoking is not a good thing.
3. adjust our thinking and concentrate our forces to consolidate our position
on the premise that the selling cost of agricultural materials rises and the profit drops seriously, if we stick to the mentality of going out and taking chances, the efficiency and expenses will be out of proportion. in the long run, the income of business personnel will decrease, the sales will lose enthusiasm, and the boss will be exhausted by the huge customer group. debt, service, customer relationship, these three points are always possible to become the explosion point around.
give up a part of the market decisively and concentrate all the sales forces in the area where you are good at. once you make the brand and influence, it is also one of the effective strategies to effectively resist competitors while improving the sales volume and reducing the risk.
4. western agricultural model solves "china's problems"
consumers generally think that the sky is blue, the water is clean, the people are trustworthy, the government has the legal system, so these agricultural products are safe. because of the above reasons, higher prices are also "inexpensive". the label of imported agricultural products itself represents "high prices". all the imported agricultural products are standardized, like the parts of automobiles, which are very neat and beautiful.
5. use the network to seek a broader market space
in the future, the agricultural material market is bound to break the market regionalization. with the network refinement and logistics coverage, the online agricultural material sales will become a development trend. although the former and current agricultural material e-commerce have fallen off, it will not affect the future development of the online agricultural material.
at present, the reason why agricultural e-commerce has died in succession is that it was born out of time and estimated the market too optimistically; secondly, it should not openly compete with the existing agricultural e-commerce network for business, and always want to kill all competitors in one stroke, and all the money in the world is put into its own pocket, but unexpectedly, it was chased and blocked by the agricultural e-commerce community, which is to say, agricultural e-commerce does not have the time, the land, and no one else the better you get, the more likely you are to die.
although the current network of agricultural materials to low-cost impact on the traditional agricultural materials market, but the gap in network technology services, but no one has been filled. most farmers pay more attention to the construction of network sales platform, but ignore the direct communication with farmers. at present, the more popular fans conversion, live broadcast marketing, etc. are to find a breakthrough, grasp the familiar field, and face-to-face communication with direct users. some internet platforms outside the agricultural resources circle have achieved the goal of paying for planting consultation, paying for planting scheme and paying for solving the problems encountered in agricultural planting, while agricultural resources have become derivatives of serving farmers.

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