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【official website】at present, the five most headache problems of agricultural material dealers!-pg电子下载

release time:2020-04-24

first, we are stuck in the bottleneck of growth. we have no confidence in the future and don't know where tomorrow is.
due to the double reduction policy of pesticide and chemical fertilizer, coupled with the instability of crop prices and the shrinking demand for agricultural materials in recent years, many agricultural material dealers have fallen into the bottleneck of growth, with sales volume hovering and even falling. the bottleneck of growth is hard to break, and they have no confidence in the future!
second: channel differentiation, now channel diversification.
in the past, there was only one channel in the agricultural material industry, which could only be through agents. now, there are many channels. in addition to wholesale and retail, there are also large-scale independent manufacturers who purchase directly, and third parties such as flying defense team carrying medicine, government bidding, etc., which also bring great competitive pressure to dealers.
third: the planting structure changes rapidly, crop diseases, insect pests and weeds become more and more complex, so it is difficult to judge the market.
the former agricultural planting structure, almost decades as a day, is very stable. now with the rise of land transfer, there are many changes in the planting structure. for example, da wa went to a county last year, which is famous for planting soybeans all the year round. last year, almost no soybeans were found. many people have planted traditional chinese medicine.
in addition, with the abuse of pesticide and fertilizer, serious consequences have been caused. the abuse of chemical fertilizer has seriously damaged the soil, soil hardening, acidification, salinization, soil borne diseases and so on. the abuse of pesticide has resulted in more and more serious resistance to plant diseases and insect pests, which is more and more difficult to fight. therefore, the plant protection dilemma has higher and higher technical requirements for agricultural dealers, who do not understand technology technology, or technical level is not high agricultural dealers are now more and more confused about the market.
fourth, the relationship with manufacturers is becoming increasingly estranged
learning is like sailing against the current. if you don't advance, you will go back. the market is the same. many enterprises are also anxious in the past two years. although the market is in adversity, the development can't be stopped, and the sales volume will continue to increase. some dealers are far below the average growth rate of the manufacturer in terms of sales and market targets, unable to make contributions to the manufacturer, and have a tense relationship with the manufacturer. some dealers without service ability are gradually not the support objects of high-quality manufacturers, and are constantly pushed and eliminated by the manufacturer, dealers have no sense of security gradually differentiation, it is difficult to attract more high-quality brand resources and variety resources alliance, which makes the operation more difficult!
fifth, the relationship with the terminal is becoming more and more tense
in the circle of agricultural materials, the biggest pressure is on the wholesaler. the retailer takes the goods from the wholesaler on credit, so the financial pressure of the wholesaler is the biggest. in recent years, the market is not good. in addition, the retailer is in the downstream of the wholesaler, and the retailer is relatively strong in front of the wholesaler. the wholesaler has to ask the retailer to sell the goods. the retailer is easy to transfer the problems they encounter to the wholesaler, and the wholesaler becomes the relationship between wholesalers and retailers is tense due to the air bag and anger release mechanism,
because retailers are close to farmers, they have developed rapidly in recent years. some retailers bypass agents and wholesalers and go directly to manufacturers to pick up goods. in some places, such as northeast china, many fertilizer wholesalers have been killed. the integration of wholesalers and wholesalers, and there is also a debate in the industry about whether wholesalers should kill retailers or retailers should kill wholesalers. therefore, in recent years, wholesales in many regions have been carried out the relationship between the retailer and the retailer is tense, and the manufacturer cannot invite the wholesaler and the retailer to a meeting.

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