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release time:2019-03-14
1. boron, the fruit trees must be supplemented with different trace elements, such as boron, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, at flowering stage. the amount of boron is very small, but it is also irreplaceable. it is not only a key trace element related to the flowering and fruiting of fruit trees, but also affects all kinds of life activities of fruit trees. today, we focus on the effect of boron fertilizer on the flowering and fruiting of fruit trees.
the results show that under the condition of boron deficiency, if boron deficiency occurs in the vegetative growth stage of fruit trees, the effect on the growth of fruit trees is not obvious. if boron deficiency occurs in the reproductive growth stage, it will directly affect the quality of flowering, reduce the fruit setting rate, and ultimately lead to the reduction of fruit yield.
2. how does boron affect the flowering and fruiting of fruit trees? boron has obvious effect on pollen germination and pollen tube growth of fruit trees. if boron is deficient, the activity of pollen grains decreases obviously, the growth of pollen tube is inhibited, and the phenomenon of falling flowers and fruits also appears. of course, in addition to this effect, boron also has an impact on the quality of fruit.
3. how to supplement boron fertilizer best? it is generally recommended to add boron fertilizer to winter fertilizer. the amount of boron fertilizer can be determined according to the local boron deficiency. generally, granular boron can be applied at 0.5-1 kg/mu. in spring, supplementary boron fertilizer spraying on leaf surface is the most convenient and fast. it is suggested that when we choose boron fertilizer, we can choose high purity and use it safely.
4. when is the best time to spray boron fertilizer? it is suggested that boron fertilizer should be used before or during the early flowering stage of fruit trees. the most important period of application of boron fertilizer is from germination to flowering stage, which also determines the success or failure of fruit trees'flowering and fruiting. in recent years, many citrus and other crops have appeared the phenomenon of low bud quality or flower failure, which may be due to the fact that fruit growers do not pay attention to boron and other key factors. the second application was added.

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