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release time:2019-04-24
can wheat be sprayed with pesticides during florescence?
the florescence of wheat ends in two or three days. it is better to avoid the florescence and rain when applying medicine. if using medicine in the florescence, it is not conducive to pollination. it's better to wait two or three days for the wheat fields that have just started pollination. flowering of wheat begins in the middle, then in the upper part and finally in the lower part. on the first day, all the flowers are yellow and white, on the second day, and on the third day, all the flowers are white. if all the flowers are white, the pollination is over and the medicine can be used.
if spraying at flowering stage is necessary, wheat pollination time should be avoided. because wheat is self-pollinated, but also has a certain degree of dissimilation, it usually blooms from 9 am to 11 am, so spraying after 4 pm can be used. when spraying, the better the atomization effect is, the smaller the influence is.
what is the effect of spraying pesticides on wheat at flowering stage?
if the first or second day of flowering is sprayed or the concentration is too high, the pollen will be damaged, the pollination development will be affected, resulting in sterility and no seeds. for the wheat field which has just begun pollination, it is better to spray the medicine after three days, remember that the concentration of the medicine should not be increased at will, so as to prevent the occurrence of pesticide damage without seeds, resulting in yield reduction or even crop failure.
can wheat be watered during flowering?
flowering stage of wheat is after heading and before grain filling. it can not be watered at this stage, because the pollen can be washed away by watering, and the yield can not be affected by pollen.
in addition, wheat is most susceptible to scab during flowering period, and the incidence of scab is high when it is rainy or rainy. if it is watered during flowering period, the field humidity is high, which is equivalent to the rainy weather during flowering period of wheat, which is conducive to the occurrence of scab. it's better to wait until the flowering season is over before watering.
when is the best time to control wheat scab?
because wheat scab is a short-term outbreak in rainy season, it is necessary to seize the favorable opportunity and select the right pesticides. when the temperature at heading stage is very high, the crossing of heading and flowering should be carried out. if there are continuous rains and clouds, the medication should be used at full heading stage. if the temperature at heading and flowering stage is normal and the distance from full heading to flowering is very short, the medication should be used at about 10% of the flowering rate. if the temperature at heading stage is low and the flowering rate is slow, the medication can be used before and after flowering stage, and the farmers with better permeability, rain erosion resistance and sustainability should be selected. medicine. if the flowering period is rainy or foggy, it should be sprayed again about 7 days after medication. in the early stage of disease occurrence in the field, the amount of leakage control plots should be increased and remediation should be carried out immediately so as to alleviate the damage loss in the later stage of disease.

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