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release time:2019-06-04

water is the carrier of fertilizer. generally speaking, without the function of water, there will be no absorption of fertilizer. water not only promotes the nutrient cycle of elements in fertilizer in plants, but also supplements the demand of crops for hydrogen and oxygen.
instant fertilizer
instant fertilizer is a kind of multi-component compound fertilizer which can completely dissolve in water. it can quickly dissolve in water and is more easily absorbed by crops. moreover, its utilization rate is relatively high. more importantly, it can be used in facility agriculture such as irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, infiltration irrigation and drip irrigation to realize the integration of water and fertilizer and achieve the effect of saving water, fertilizer and labor.
slightly soluble fertilizer
the absorption rate of slightly soluble fertilizer is low and the effect is slow. it does not mean insolubility. although many elements are insoluble in water, they can be soluble in acids and salts. in the dormant state, in order to prolong the duration of fertilizer and avoid the "short, violent and fast" of fertilizer, the manufacturer adopts special technology to add slow-release factors or coat with sulphur in the fertilizer to control the release rate of nutrients. therefore, it has a long-term effect and is generally applied as base fertilizer.
insoluble fertilizer
it refers to the fertilizer that is insoluble in water but soluble in acid and salt, and can be used as base fertilizer, not as topdressing fertilizer. for example, organic matter content of organic fertilizer made from weathered coal is as high as 70%, but if it is not treated by ammoniation and acidification, it can not be fully absorbed and utilized by decomposing only the secretions of plant roots. so judging the quality of a fertilizer can not only depend on the content, but also on the source of raw materials, the matching of elements, the technological process and the absorption rate.

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