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release time:2019-10-12

the autumn harvest is approaching, and the wheat planting season is coming soon. in the process of wheat growth every year, there will always be problems of one kind or another. in fact, many problems can be avoided if more attention is paid to wheat planting. so, what should we pay attention to this year's wheat planting? the following aspects deserve our attention.
i. variety selection
1. no matter which wheat-producing area or whose home, the cold resistance and lodging resistance of the varieties selected for planting must not be ambiguous, which is the most crucial key!
2. in the high incidence area of scab, the selection of cultivars with certain resistance to scab is the key to be free from the harassment of scab and good control effect of wheat scab.
3. planting high-quality special wheat must emphasize "order". under the requirement of "order", it is not necessary to cultivate high-quality special wheat blindly.
2. seed coating or drug treatment
according to the disease resistance of different varieties and the specific conditions of the plot, we should choose the corresponding seed coating agent or medicament to mix the seeds in sowing time. we must not go to the ground bare! if these measures are done well and scientifically, they will reduce the troubles in the middle and late stages of wheat production, and even bring about unexpected results.
three. soil preparation
planting wheat, as long as you mess up the land, other measures are in vain! we have always said that "early soil moisture, plantar fertilizer, fine soil preparation, deep burial of straw crushing, as deep as possible or next year deep turning, surface soil crushing and leveling up and down the virtual reality" and so on, these words need to be strictly implemented, not for fun, talking about fun!
they are the basic measures to ensure that the seedlings of wheat are strong and beautiful after sowing. these basic measures have not been implemented in place, and there are few remedies for the problems. the key to high yield of wheat is the "seven-minute" in the "seven-minute and three-minute management", which i think is the first element.
iv. sowing date and sowing
1. different wheat planting areas have different suitable sowing dates, which can be delayed for about 7 days on the basis of some local proverbs. for example, the autumn equinox of "bailu early cold dew late autumn equinox" in beijing area is september 23, and it will be extended for about 7 days. the suitable sowing date of wheat in beijing area should be around "11".
2. under the suitable sowing date, 25-30 jin per mu is suitable. when dry land, late sowing, whole soil quality and soil moisture are not good, the sowing amount should be increased according to different conditions.
3. deep sowing. 3-5 cm is the suitable depth of sowing. when the soil is too loose, it is advocated to grind the ground before sowing.
4. put down in time after sowing.

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