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release time:2019-11-08

pesticide has become an essential strategic resource for agricultural production, and it is also an important means for farmers to save human and material resources and achieve high and stable production. however, due to the lack of scientific knowledge and systematic learning, many farmers often have some unscientific and unreasonable situations in the process of using pesticides, which not only causes the waste of pesticides, but also easily leads to the occurrence of drug damage, even endangers human health, "to make a big disaster"!
want medicine to weed? put an end to these usages and ideas!
1. in the early stage of the disease, most of the diseases, insect pests and weeds will not be treated with drugs. in the early stage of the disease, the effect of drugs is better. if large-scale outbreaks occur, it is not only more difficult to control, but also difficult to ensure the effect. some users use insecticides to control plant diseases, or use fungicides to control pests, or even use herbicides to control pests, regardless of control objects. this practice will delay the opportunity, affect the control effect, cause drug damage, or even lead to crop failure.
2. the higher the concentration is, the better
some farmers think that the higher the concentration of liquid medicine, the better the effect of disease and insect control, so when using it, they often reduce the water consumption and increase the concentration of liquid medicine. in fact, when spraying insecticides and fungicides, sufficient water is very important, because the eggs and bacteria are mostly concentrated in the soil on the back of the leaves and near the roots. when spraying, the water consumption is small, so it is difficult to spray the whole plant, and the eggs and bacteria in the dead corner are easy to re erupt.
in addition, randomly increasing the concentration of drug solution may also enhance the drug resistance of pathogens and pests, and drug damage may occur beyond the safe concentration. for example, when the foliar fertilizer is used in high concentration, it can not only not be absorbed by crops, but also make the liquid of crops seep out, causing physiological drought; when the hormone pesticide is too high, it will cause crop deformity.
3. prevention and control once and for all
insecticidal and fungicide can achieve obvious effect in the peak period of occurrence of diseases and insect pests, but it does not mean once and for all. because with the loss and decomposition failure of insecticides or the infection of adjacent plots, harmful organisms still have the potential of "comeback", so we should use them at intervals according to the control situation, so as to achieve the best control effect.
4. mixing of sewage and muddy water
because there are many impurities in sewage and muddy water, the spray nozzle will be blocked when spraying, and the stability of the liquid medicine may be damaged, resulting in the reduction of the efficacy and the increase of the cost of medicine.
5. application of medicine in weather such as wind and rain, high temperature, etc
spraying medicine on windy days will make the medicine disperse, reduce the control effect, or cause the drug harm to the sensitive crops around; spraying medicine on rainy days will wash off the liquid medicine by the rain, resulting in the decrease of efficacy; applying medicine under high temperature is easy to cause drug harm and poisoning. therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate time for application according to the weather conditions. the best time is 8:00-11:00 a.m. and 4:00-6:00 p.m. in sunny and breezy conditions.
6. one drug combination
when the same pesticide is used for a long time, the pest is easy to have cross resistance. that is to say, after the resistance to a certain pesticide, it will also have resistance to other varieties of the same kind of pesticide, which will reduce the control effect and increase the control difficulty and cost. therefore, when using pesticides, we should try our best to choose pesticides with different action mechanisms or mixed use of pesticides with different action modes and mechanisms in order to slow down the rate of drug resistance.
7. arbitrary abuse
when using, the corresponding pesticides should be used according to the different types of crops, the objects of control and the performance of the chemicals, so as to make the drugs suitable for the situation. it is forbidden to abuse or blindly increase the amount of application, so as to avoid the increase of pest resistance, the reduction of control effect or the occurrence of drug damage.
8. the residual amount of pesticide in and out of the crop before harvest will gradually decrease with time, and the longer the time is, the lower the residual amount is. therefore, it is necessary to determine the safe interval between application and harvest according to the toxicity of various pesticides and the length of the residual period. if the safety period is not enough, the drug residues will exceed the standard, and even cause food poisoning.
9. do not take protective measures when applying the medicine
the applicator shall wear a mask when applying the medicine, and shall not smoke or eat. after applying the medicine, he shall wash the exposed skin with soap and wash his mouth in time. if possible, he shall take a bath, so as to prevent the medicine from breathing and the pesticide particles suspended in the air penetrating into the body through the skin, resulting in human body poisoning.

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