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product description
this product contains specific rooting factors and penetrating agents, rich in a variety of cytoactive factors, can quickly induce the formation of root primordia, stimulate the formation of callus, thus inducing the formation of adventitious roots and buds of plants, can greatly improve the number and survival rate of new roots of cuttings, sowing, big tree transplantation, quickly form protective layer on the surface of crops, roots and wounds, and effectively prevent them. pathogenic bacteria infection can effectively prevent root aging, promote the germination and rooting of old trees, and improve the survival rate of transplantation.
functional characteristics:
1. quick-acting, 24 hours can see a significant improvement in crop traits;
2. strong rooting and rapid induction of adventitious roots and buds;
3. improving crop quality and resistance to pests and diseases.
method of application:
suitable for lawn, flowers, seedlings, etc. 5-10 kg per mu of irrigation or drip irrigation, at intervals of 10-15 days.
matters needing attention:
1. store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
2. avoid mixing with strong alkali pesticides.
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