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physicochemical character:
this product is white powder , tasteless, non-toxicity, stable, easily soluble in water, soluble in methanol , ethanol and other organic solutions, almost insoluble in ether, chloroform and benzene.
function introduction:
this product is a new fertilizer synergist, good water solubility, it can take part in the regulation of physiological processes such as plant growth, development, maturity, aging of crops, and can also take part in resistance to salt, resistance to drought, resistance to low temperature and other induction process. it can promote the growth of crop leaves and roots, enhance plant photosynthetic rate. it has strong chelate adsorption function , it can be used to fix nitrogen, remove phosphorus and potassium , improve the ability of the crop to absorb fertilizer,  reduce waste of nutrient elements and increase the utilization rate of fertilizer.
production characteristics :
this production mix with fertilizer have strong chelate adsorption function, can promote the utilization rate of fertilizer, reduce the use level of fertilizer, the use of this production reduces the environmental pollution caused by fertilizer application. it has special biological activity, which can promote the physiological development of plants.
this production can keep the nutrients in the soil, also can keep the fertilizer and protect water, prevent nutrient loss and infiltration; and can be used as a carrier to transport trace elements and other nutrients which in the fertilizer to the root of the crop, it is beneficial to crop absorption, make the main root thick and strong, fibril more, increase crop growth.
this production can induce the resistance of crops to viral fungi and bacterial disease, and also induce the relation enzymes in the crops, and enhance the resistance of the crops to drought, cold and saline-alkali.
there is a significant effect after use this production which improve the germination of crops, promote the growth of the radicle and germ, increase root shoot ratio and the formation of lateral roots. after using this product, it can promote the growth of stem , leaves and root are strong and thick, the leaves are green.
method of application :
it can be used alone , also can be used with compound fertilizer, wash fertilizer and irrigation fertilizer. the specific dosage is as follows:
use alone
when transplant the crops or trees, diluted 10000- 15000 times watering root.
mix with compound fertilizer
when mixed with compound fertilizer, the added dosage is generally 0.1%(1kg per ton of fertilizer), according to the manufacturing process of compound fertilizer, it can provide solid or concentrated liquid products, easy to use.
mix with wash fertilizer , irrigation fertilizer
when mixed with wash fertilizer or irrigation fertilizer, the added dosage is generally between 0.2% to 1% (2kg -10kg per ton of fertilizer).
package: 1kg/bag   specification: tc powder    purity:99%

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