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product name: 6-benzylaminopurine, 6-ba, bap
chemical name: 6 - (n-benzyl) aminopurine
english name: 6-benzylaminopurine
molecular formula: c12h11n5
physical and chemical properties:
white powder, soluble in water, high activity, insoluble in alcohol, benzene, ether, chloroform and other organic solvents; stable in acid and alkali, not easy to decompose in light and heat.
6-ba is a plant growth regulator for human and animal safety. the acute oral ld50 of rats is (male) 2125mg / l, (female) 2130mg / l, the acute oral ld50 of mice is (male) 1300mg / l, (female) 1300mg / l. the tlm value of carp in 48 hours was 12-24mg / l. no irritation to rabbit eyes and skin.
function introduction:
6-ba is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator, which can promote the growth of plant cells, inhibit the degradation of plant chlorophyll, delay the aging of leaves, induce flower bud differentiation, promote the growth of lateral buds, strengthen fruits and expand fruits, and significantly improve the yield.
application technology:
1、 single use: refer to the attached table for the foliar spray concentration of each crop, and mix 10-20 g / mu with flushing fertilizer, drip irrigation fertilizer and compound fertilizer.
2. combined use:
it was compounded with brassinolide: 0.01% brassinolide 5% 6-ba soluble powder.
mixed with gibberellic acid: 10% gibberellic acid 5% 6-ba soluble powder.
mixed with choline chloride and naphthylacetic acid: 17% choline chloride · naphthylacetic acid 5% 6-ba soluble powder.
package specification: 1kg / bag
dosage form: soluble powder
effective component content: ≥ 5%
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