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anthracin flushing fertilization (10 kg in barrels)
product characteristics:
1. improving crop resistance in an all-round way: this product takes the leading plant immune protein as the main element. after spraying, it forms a film covering in various plant tissues. this film can not only promote nutrient absorption, but also balance acid and alkali. it can resist the invasion of foreign pathogens, droughts, floods, salts and other adverse factors. after anthracene is absorbed by plants, it can comprehensively improve the function of crop immune system as an efficient immune protein. the ability of plant resistance to diseases, insects and stresses can be improved from outside to inside.
2. promote nutrient absorption in an all-round way: prevent the precipitation of various metal elements such as acid radical ions and calcium, effectively promote the dissolution of various nutrients, release fixed nutrients in soil and plants, especially insoluble and difficult-to-move elements such as calcium, promote the dissolution of nutrients, and accelerate the transport and absorption of nutrients in plants.
3. promoting plant growth in an all-round way (root, leaf, flower and fruit): increasing root activity and nutrient uptake; increasing relative chlorophyll content of leaves, promoting photosynthesis rate; promoting flowering and pollination, increasing fruit setting rate; promoting nutrient uptake of fruits, prolonging crop picking period; mature living stalks (not premature senescence). at the same time, the sweetness and storage and transportation were increased, and the product quality was greatly improved.

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