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product name: sodium naphthoxyacetate; 2-naphthoxyacetate
chemical name: sodium β - naphthoxyacetate
english name: 2-naphthoxyacetic acid sodium salt
molecular formula: c12h9o3na
structural formula: 
relative molecular weight: 224.19
physical and chemical properties:
it is white powder, no peculiar smell, soluble in water, soluble in methanol, ethanol, ether and acetic acid, and stable under normal temperature.
low toxicity, acute oral ld50 1000mg / kg, non-toxic to bee.
function introduction:
sodium naphthoxyacetate (bnoa-na) is a plant growth regulator with biological activity of naphthalene, which can promote fruit setting, stimulate fruit expansion and overcome hollow fruit by leaf and root absorption; it can also promote the formation of adventitious roots and roots of plants, which can be used to promote seed rooting and cuttage rooting; it can improve yield, quality, flourish branches and leaves, strong plants and effectively improve crop drought resistance, cold resistance and waterlogging resistance.
application technology of bnoa-na:
1. prepared separately:
(1) sodium naphthoxyacetate can be made into powder, water agent and other dosage forms separately, which can promote the growth, rooting, flower and fruit thinning of crops.
(2) sodium naphthoxyacetate can be used in soil as base application, top-up application, flushing application and drip irrigation, usually 10-20g / mu, which can promote the rapid rooting of crops, the developed root system and the stress resistance of crops.
2. combined use:
(1) sodium naphthoxyacetate can be mixed with auxin: it is widely used in tissue culture, seedling and flower cutting branch transplanting to improve the survival rate.
(2) the combination of sodium naphthoxy acetate and foliar fertilizer and fertilizer should increase the utilization ratio of fertilizer, rooting seedlings, and preventing flower and fruit drop. the combination of foliar fertilizer and foliar fertilizer usually sprayed with 25-50ppm stems and leaves, which can promote growth. combined with compound fertilizer, fertilizer application and drip fertiliser can promote rooting and seedling growth, improve fertilizer efficiency, and recommend dosage of 10-20g/ mu.
package specification: 1kg / bag × 25 bags / barrel purity: 98%
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