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the duration of protective therapy with dual efficacy and strong inhalation and bidirectional conduction can reach 3-4 weeks.
specification: 100g/bag *100bag/box 400g/bag *20bag/box formulation: 80% wettable powder
product characteristics:
1. efficient broad-spectrum fungicides, both protective and therapeutic effects.
2. strong endogenous organophosphorus fungicides can be quickly absorbed by plants and transported up and down to the site of disease.
3. it can kill bacteria by preventing the formation of mycelia and spores, and the validity period can reach 3-4 weeks.
control targets:
1. downy mildew and blight of cucumber, tomato, pepper, cabbage and other vegetables.
2. downy mildew, scab and rot disease of apple, pear and grape trees.
usage method:
the vegetables were diluted with 200-400 times the 100g of the product, and the leaves were sprayed at intervals of 7-10 days.
the fruit tree is diluted 600-800 times with this product, and leaves spray is applied at intervals of 10-15 days.
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