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specification: 5kg/barrel *4 barrel/box formulation: water agent
product characteristics:
1. the product contains unique rooting factors and inducing factors, which stimulate the cell division of crops, promote root differentiation and formation, accelerate the rooting of cuttings and transplanted seedlings, and promote the formation of adventitious roots.
2. induce root cell regeneration to ensure continuous rooting ability during the whole growth period of crops, and enhance the absorptive capacity of crops to fertilizer and water.
3. promote the strong stem and thick green leaves of crops, and quickly repair physiological diseases such as yellow leaves, deciduous leaves and rolled leaves caused by the lack of trace elements.
applicable crops:
fruits and vegetables, melons and fruits, cereals and oils, flowers and other crops.
usage method:
flushing and drip irrigation: 5 kg per mu, once every 10-15 days.
root irrigation and dipping: 600-800 times liquid, used for cutting branches and seedling transplantation.
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