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product description
product name: mepiquat chloride
chemical name: mepiquat
other name: pix
cas no.: 24307-26-4 
einecs no.: 246-147-6
mf: c7h16cln
place of origin: henan, china (mainland)
purity:98% tc
color: white
state: tc power
solubility:soluble in water, slight soluble in ether, acetone
supply ability:10000 kilogram/kilograms per month
 packaging & delivery:
packaging details
1kg/bag 25 kgs/ fiber drum
port:shanghai port
1.in every 100g solvent at 20water; >100g;
2. ethanol: <16.2g;
3.acetone, ether, ethyl acetate, cyclohexame and olive oil: <0.1g; density: 1.87 (20); 4.and it is stable to heat.
1. this product is kind of plant growth regulator. it mostly restrain the biosynthesis of gibberellic acid inside crops when being absorbed by leaves and roots. in this way, it can restrain the elongation of cell, stay the vegetation growth; make plants shorter and increase content of chlorophyll. this also increases assimilation of leaves and adjusts distribution of outcome inside plants.
2. adjust cotton growth; control plant model; harmonize develop of nutrition; reduce boll falling ratio, increase the boll quantity and weight of each plant, increase output. we can see from research that it could increase number and weight of boll of the middle and lower part of plant.
3. make wheat shorter and stronger and increase the yield. restrain elongation of culm, make plant to be wide and strong, avoid lodging. the color of leaves will be darker, accumulation of nutrition become increased, number of fringe and output both increased obviously. when crops were sprayed in anthesis, we can raise their fruit rate and kilo grain weight.
4. for peanut, mung bean, tomato, watermelon and cucumber, it can help the transportation of photosynthesis outcome to flower and fruit. avoid falling off, increase fruit rate. help the intumescences of rhizome.
5.to increase grape sugar content and output. it can obviously restrain elongation between tips, reduce consume of nutrition, facilitate accumulation of sugar and intumescences of animus.
our services:
1.tc powder sentinel enterprises guarantee quality and affordable price for you.
2.sample order minimum order:1kg.
3. we will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours.
4. after sending, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. when you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback. if you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.

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