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product description
product name: sodium α-naphthaleneacetic acid
chemical name: sodium 1-naphthylacetic acid
other name: naa-na
cas no.: 61-31-4
einecs no.: 200-504-2
mf: c12h10o2na
place of origin: henan, china (mainland)
purity:98% tc
color: white
state: tc power
classification:plant growth regulator, agriculture products
supply ability:10000 kilogram/kilograms per month
packaging & delivery:
packaging details
1 kg / bag 25 kgs/ fiber drum
port:shanghai port
physical and chemical character:
sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid is white ordorless powder, soluble in water easily, dissolve in alcohol and acetone organic solvent. no impurities and sediments,stable in normal temperature, it's a low toxic plant growth regulator and ld 50 is 1-5.9g/kg
sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid is a auxin class broad-spectrum type of plant growth regulator, it can enter plant body through plant leaf and tender skin to arrive vigorous growth parts together with nutrition of conducting.sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid can promote root differentiation and form, speed up branches and transplanting nursery stock cutting root growth, induce flower open, accelerate chlorophyll synthesis,prevent flower and fruit dropping, prevent become seedless fruits, promote earlier ripe and increase yield well. meanwhile sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid can increase the ability of resist-dry, resist-cold, resist-disease, resist-alkali.
1. special sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid have high purity, low application dosage, easily control the use ratio,have no side effect. special sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid have a basic difference with sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid, even some sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid total purity can reach 98%, but sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid content is lower than 60%, other is much lower, so the high-efficiency is low. but special sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid is similar with 100%, so it can get good effect with low quantity application.
2. sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid appeared as single molecule forms in solution. it can enters plants via leaf and branch cuticles and seeds, and flows to luxuriant growth sites (growth points,tender organs, blooms or fruits ) with nutrients.
3. sodium a-naphthaleneacitic acid have a good quick-acting and compatibility. not only can be used in single, but also can mix with auxs,sodium nitrophenolate,fungicides, liquid foliar fertilizer, salt wash fertilizer.
our services:
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