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cas no: 90-05-1

chemical name: o-methoxyphenol
general name in english: guaiacol
other chinese names: 1,2-methoxyphenol, o-hydroxyphenyl ether, methyl catechol
molecular formula: c7h8o 2
relative molecular weight: 124.14
physical and chemical properties: guaiacol is yellow to dark yellow liquid, with a special sweet aroma, slightly phenolic flavor, slightly soluble in water and benzene, easily soluble in glycerol, and mixed with ethanol, ether, chloroform, oil, glacial acetic acid.
1. for pesticides: 5-nitroguaiacol sodium, a plant growth regulator, can be synthesized.
2. used in medicine: used to synthesize a variety of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs, such as potassium guaiacol sulfonate, ibuprofen guaiacol ester and guaiacol glycerol ether.
3. used in perfume industry: besides being directly used as perfume raw material, it can also be used to produce vanillin and artificial musk, etc.
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