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kexing of cyperaceae weeds in gramineae lawn
applicable lawn species:
all gramineae lawns should be used safely at least 10 days after seedling.
the object of prevention:
most cyperaceae weeds were effectively controlled, and 3-7 leaves of weeds were the best application period.
conditions of use:
one day after watering and then applying medicine, the effect of soil moisture is good, but the effect of drought is poor.
pharmacodynamic manifestations:
weeds showed poisoning symptoms 7-10 days after treatment and died 10-15 days later. the weeds of cyperaceae were completely eradicated by applying 2-3 times a year.
usage method:
stem and leaf treatment. secondary dilution method is adopted, that is, a small amount of water is used to dissolve the agent, and then mother liquor is made into mother liquor, and then the mother liquor is added with enough water. 3-5 weeds in leaf stage, 30g for every 660 turf, 5 to 7 weeds, 40g for 660 lawn, 25-30 kg for water, spray should be meticulous and thoughtful, and do not spray or spray.
matters needing attention:
1. please read the product instructions carefully before use. the company is only responsible for the quality of the product. the manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for the loss caused by improper use of technology and weather.
2. the herbicide effect of this product is good under high temperature and humidity. if the lawn is thin, it should be used in a reduced amount, but the effect is poor under drought. in july-august, after high temperature and humidity season or lawn grass pruning, it is necessary to spray doctor lin for 3-5 days before lawn grass can be safely used.
3, the product is volatile. when spraying, it should be sunny or cloudless without wind. if there are broad-leaved plants (such as cotton, grapes, vegetables, etc.) around the lawn, spray should be lowered to prevent pesticide damage caused by droplet transfer.
4, sprayer is best used. it is not possible to spray other broad-leaved plants with sprays sprayed with this product, so as to avoid causing harmful effects. the spray machine of a tractor must be cleaned with water for more than 3 times before spraying.
5. don't touch the lawn for a long time within 48 hours after application.
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