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gramineae cold-season lawn (after five-leaf) kexing of gramineae and broad-leaved weeds
applicable lawn species:
poaceae, tall fescue, ryegrass, zoysia grass lawn. it is forbidden to use lawns which are not recommended by this product.
use time:
any period of robust growth after 45 days of seedling emergence. less than 40 days after seedling emergence, the turf was seriously poisoned.
the object of prevention:
efficient control of the vast majority of grasses below 7 leaves (weed plant height is less than 15 cm) such as tangerine, setaria, barnyard grass, tendon grass, sagebrush, urticaria, thrush and a variety of broad-leaved weeds. weeds above 7 leaves are ineffective. lignified weeds are ineffective. it has poor effect on bermudagrass and no effect on thatch. this product is ineffective for cyperaceae weeds, so it should be used to control cyperaceae weeds.
conditions of use:
one day after watering and then applying medicine, the effect of soil moisture is good, but the effect of drought is poor.
pharmacodynamic manifestations:
within 24 hours after treatment, weeds stopped growing. within 7-10 days, weeds began to turn yellow and wilt. within 10-15 days, weeds gradually turned reddish brown and died.
usage method:
the leaves and leaves of the weeds were evenly sprayed. about 45 days after turfgrass seedlings, 160-180 milliliters of water and 25-30 kg of water (two sprayer water) were applied to each 660m2 lawn. after 180-200 days of turfgrass seedlings, 180-200 ml. of each 660m2 lawn, 25-30 kg of water (two spray water) were added to the lawn, and the spray should be meticulous and thoughtful, so that no spraying and no leakage should be done.
matters needing attention:
1. please read the product instructions carefully before use. the company is only responsible for the quality of the product. the manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for the loss caused by improper use of technology and weather.
2. it is strictly forbidden to increase or decrease the dosage at will. in july-august, after high temperature and humidity season or lawn grass pruning, it is necessary to spray doctor lin for 3-5 days before lawn grass can be safely used. store in a cool and dry place.
3. for lawns just 45 days after emergence, the lower limit of recommended dosage must be used.
4. this product works well under high temperature and humidity. if the lawn is thin and weak, it should be reduced in quantity and forbidden in drought.
5. the application should be windless sunny day or rainless cloudy day. slight pruning of lawn before application is beneficial to its efficacy, but it is strictly forbidden to use after pruning in summer dormancy period.
6. do not spray the skin on the lawn for a long time within 48 hours after application.
7, the lawn around such as broad-leaved plants (such as cotton, grapes, vegetables, etc.) seedlings are prohibited; generally, seedlings and hardwood plants must lower the spray, wind and day banned.

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