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herbicides for bermudagrass and zoysia japonica warm-season lawn special for bermudagrass and zoysia japonica warm-season lawn special for herbicides
applicable lawn species:
zoysia grass (manila grass, taiwan grass, velvet grass, japanese zoysia grass, zoysia japonica, etc.) and dogtooth grass (bermuda, paradise grass, paradise 328, etc.).
the object of prevention:
effective control of most grasses, broad-leaved weeds and cyperaceae weeds below 5 leaves, such as tangerine, setaria, barnyard grass, tendon grass, sagebrush, urticaria and thrush. lawn grass can be used from dormancy to growth.
conditions of use:
one day after watering, the effect of soil moisture is good, but the effect of drought is poor.
pharmacodynamic manifestations:
within 24 hours after treatment, weeds stopped growing. within 7-10 days, weeds began to turn yellow and wilt. within 10-15 days, weeds died.
usage and dosage:
use in spring and summer: weeds use around 3 foliage or weeds at height of 5 cm or so, dosage 6-8 g / sprayer, two sprays per acre.
autumn and winter use: poa pratensis lawn is used before poa pratensis 5 leaves. the dosage is 6-7 g / spray, two sprays per acre.
matters needing attention:
1. please read the product instructions carefully before use. the company is only responsible for the quality of the product. the manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for the loss caused by improper use of technology and weather.
2. festuca arundinacea, ryegrass, bluegrass, bentgrass and other cold-season lawns can not use this maintenance agent;
3. spray enough water, pay attention to spraying uniform, do not leak spraying, so that weed leaves and the ground can contact the liquid, do not spray on other broad-leaved plants.
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