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product performance:
this product is rich in highly active growth retarding factors, chlorophyll-forming factors and rooting factors. it is a chemical pruning agent specially designed for turf maintenance and management. its mechanism is to control plant growth by inhibiting the biosynthesis of gibberellin and reducing the content of gibberellin. it is the most widely used plant growth regulator in the process of turf maintenance and management.
functional characteristics:
1. delay the growth of lawn, reduce the times of pruning and reduce the cost of maintenance.
2. increase the ratio of root to shoot, increase the creeping ability and reduce the loss of soil fertility.
3. reduce pests and diseases and enhance drought and cold resistance.
4. increase the content of chlorophyll and make the lawn darker and more beautiful.
scope of use:
any period of robust growth after chengping.
usage method:
the lawn was used 3-5 days after the first pruning in spring. the method of twice dilution was adopted. each bag was mixed with 25-30 kg of water, and 660 square meters were sprayed evenly.
matters needing attention:
1. it is strictly forbidden to mix with other products.
2. avoid spraying on the plants around the lawn as far as possible to avoid affecting the growth.
3. store in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
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