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_controlling vigor and lodging resistance_dwarfing plant_rooting and strengthening_frost resistance and drought resistance_promoting tillering_
specification: 50g/bag *150 bag/barrel 200g/bag *50 bag/barrel formulation: wettable powder
product characteristics:
this product is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator compounded with paclobutrazol and mepiquat, which can effectively inhibit the synthesis of endogenous gibberellin, inhibit cell elongation, short and strong plants, make leaves thick green, delay the growth of vegetative period, increase chlorophyll content and improve leaf assimilation ability.
main efficacy:
1. effective control of plant elongation, shorten the main stem node spacing, make the plant compact and enhance lodging resistance.
2. significantly increase chlorophyll content, enhance photosynthesis, promote nutrient accumulation, thick green leaves, strong plants, prevent premature senescence.
3. regulating endogenous hormones, balancing nutrition in the body, promoting the transformation of nutrition from vegetative growth to reproductive growth, increasing flowering and fruit setting rate, expanding fruit, increasing yield and improving quality.
4. activate plant potential, promote root vigor, reduce leaf transpiration, and improve drought, cold and waterlogging resistance.
usage method:
this product is suitable for wheat, rice, peanut, soybean and other crops, diluted 300 - 600 times the leaf surface uniform spraying, according to different regions, crop growth stage slightly adjusted.
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