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specification: 30 sets/barrel
product characteristics:
this product is a special nutritional and yield-increasing package developed by the company's scientific research team after years of intensive research and combined with the unique growth characteristics of chinese herbal crops. rich in useful microorganisms, alginic acid, amino acids, molybdenum, boron, zinc and other chelating trace elements as well as rare earth and other useful elements. using high-end biotechnology, balancing crop reproductive growth and physiological growth, coupled with high-end fungicides, is the first choice for the majority of users of disease prevention, nutrition, growth-promoting high-end special yield-increasing package.
product function:
1. balance the nutritional needs of traditional chinese medicine crops in the whole growth period, promote the development of root cap, increase the number of new roots, promote the distribution of nutrients evenly, and promote the rapid expansion of stem tubers.
2. enhance photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll content, reduce ineffective consumption of nutrients, maximize the transfer of photosynthates, improve quality and increase yield.
3. it can enhance the ability of disease resistance, drought resistance, cold resistance, stubble resistance and saline-alkali resistance of traditional chinese medicine crops, effectively prevent and control the occurrence of diseases in growing period, and has good control effect on root rot, root-knot nematode disease, sclerotinia solani, blight, blight, downy mildew, sclerotinia sclerotiorum and other physiological diseases.
usage method:
this product is suitable for yam, raw land, ginseng, rhubarb, radix isatidis, paeonia lactiflora, codonopsis pilosula, rehmannia, burdock and other tuber crops. 2. this product is suitable for the whole crop growth cycle. it is recommended to use it 3-5 times in each growth cycle with an interval of 7-15 days.
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