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molecular formula :c23h19o3nclf3 
molecular weight :449.9
cas no: 91465-08-6

physical and chemical properties: pure product is white solid, melting point 49.2 c. it was decomposed at 275 c and vapor pressure 267_pa at 20 c. the original drug is a beige odorless solid with an active ingredient content of more than 90%, insoluble in water and soluble in most organic solvents. the storage stability was 6 months at 15-25 c. it is stable in acidic solution and easy to decompose in alkaline solution. its hydrolysis half-life in water is about 7 days. it is stable in nature and resistant to rainwater scouring.
toxicity: medium toxicity pesticide. acute oral ld50 in rats was 79 mg/kg in males and 56 mg/kg in females, 36.7 mg/kg in males and 62.3 mg/kg in females, 632 mg/kg in males and 696 mg/kg in females. acute percutaneous ld50 > 2g/kg in rabbits. it is highly toxic to fish and aquatic organisms. the ld50 of rainbow trout was 0.25-0.54 ug/l for 96 hours and that of daphnia was 0.38 ug/l for 48 hours. however, the actual toxicity of rainbow trout to fish was greatly reduced under the normal dosage in the field. for bees and silkworms, acute oral ld50 was 0.91 ug/head and ld50 was 0.038 ug/head. low toxicity to birds, acute oral ld50 of wild ducks > 5g/kg, quail ld50 > 7.5g/kg. no teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects were observed in the experimental dose.
control object: it has strong contact and stomach toxicity to pests and mites as well as repellent effect. it has wide insecticidal spectrum. it has high activity, and the dosage is about 15g per hectare. its efficacy is similar to that of deltamethrin, and it is also effective for mites. this product has fast insecticidal action, long lasting effect and low toxicity to beneficial insects. it is less toxic to bees than permethrin and cypermethrin. it can control cotton boll weevil, cotton bollworm, corn borer, cotton leaf mite, vegetable yellow stripe beetle, plutella xylostella, cabbage caterpillar, spodoptera litura, potato aphid, potato beetle, eggplant red spider, ground tiger, apple aphid, apple leaf miner, apple leaf roller moth, citrus leaf miner, peach aphid, carnivora, tea-worm, tea gall mite, rice black-tailed leaf hopper, etc. health pests such as cockroaches are also effective.
matters needing attention:
(1) it is an insecticide and has the function of inhibiting harmful mites. therefore, it should not be used as an acaricide to control harmful mites.
(2) because it is easy to decompose in alkaline medium and soil, it is not necessary to mix with alkaline substance and use it as soil treatment. (3) fish and shrimp, bee and silkworm are highly toxic, so when used, do not pollute fish ponds, rivers, bee farms and mulberry gardens.
(4) if the solution splashes into the eye, rinse it with clean water for 10-15 minutes. if it splashes on the skin, rinse it with plenty of water immediately. if it is taken incorrectly, vomit immediately and seek medical advice promptly. medical personnel can wash the stomach for patients, but care should be taken to prevent stomach deposits from entering the respiratory tract.
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