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product characteristics:
this product not only has the function of rooting main roots and lateral roots, but also has the function of activating plant cells. it is a new molecular inducing rooting agent. after the plant uses this product, the sleeping cells in all parts of the plant are activated rapidly, which can actively, actively and explosively promote rooting. the rooting speed is fast, the capillary root is many, the absorption ability is strong, the plant survival rate is high. plants are not susceptible to bacteria and wound healing is fast. irrigation with this product can activate the sleeping soil, accelerate the supply of nutrients in the soil to plants, improve the survival rate of transplantation, and achieve the function of live transplantation. functional characteristics:
1. induction of adventitious roots or germination, regulation of plant metabolic intensity, acceleration of rooting of cuttings, and improvement of survival rate;
2. promote the growth of the main root system, strengthen the plant and improve the stress resistance.
3. make the plant root fast and more, and form the developed root system quickly.
scope of application:
seedlings, flowers, lawns, fruit trees, etc.
usage method:
quick dipping: depending on the difficulty of rooting, dilute 50-100 times liquid. dip in 3-6 seconds for cutting.
soaking: dilute 300 - 500 times liquid, soak for 2 - 3 hours, then cut slightly cool.
irrigation root: dilute 1000 times to irrigate the root, whichever is watered thoroughly.
matters needing attention:
1. it should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer.
2. sprinkle it carelessly on the skin or eyes and rinse it with clean water.
3. store in a dark, dry place, not edible.
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