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product characteristics:
this product imports advanced technology from abroad and draws lessons from the principle of human infusion. it directly imports the growth elements needed for tree growth into the tree body and is absorbed by the plant. quickly and effectively activate plant cell activity, enhance tree vigor, and improve the survival rate of big tree transplantation. functional characteristics:
1. promote the development of root system, strengthen the tree body and improve the survival rate of transplantation.
2. supplementary nutrients for tree body;
3. increase tree energy and stress resistance.
4. high efficiency, environmental protection and easy to use.
scope of application:
1. new and off-season transplanted seedlings;
2. weak seedlings with yellow leaves, lack of nutrition and poor growth;
3. rejuvenation of ancient trees.
usage method:
1. dilute 400-500 times with 200 ml of the original solution and add 80-100 suspension bags.
2. use 5 mm drill to drill 45 degrees downward on the trunk 10-15 cm away from the ground, and insert the needle into the hole 5 cm deep, with no leakage as the criterion.
matters needing attention:
1. this product should not be mixed with other pharmaceutical preparations.
2. it is strictly forbidden to increase the dosage.
3. seedlings with dbh less than 5 cm should not be used.
4. the orifice should be brushed with wound smear to restore the growth of trees.
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