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product characteristics:
this product contains a variety of natural mineral essence elements, which can quickly penetrate into plants, stimulate plant potential, activate plant cells, and enhance their own immune function, disease resistance, promote root system development, grow vigorously, increase and increase rapidly.
functional characteristics:
1. breaking dormancy and promoting germination: plants can break dormancy after use, germinate quickly, plant is strong, leaves are dark green, grow well;
2. enhance the anti-virus ability: enhance the resistance of plants to viruses and bacteria.
3. rapid thickening: after the use of fast-growing seedlings, the growth of fast-growing seedlings can be seen in half a month, the crown width increases, and the plant increases.
scope of application:
applicable to flowers, seedlings, fruit trees, etc.
usage method:
dilute the roots 200-300 times with this product, whichever is watered thoroughly. it can also be sprayed on the leaves. it can be used for half of the weakened trees every 10 days. it is recommended to use it at least three times during the growing period.
matters needing attention:
1. it should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer.
2. when using in high temperature and drought, the amount of water should be increased appropriately.
3. store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. drinking is strictly prohibited.
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