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product characteristics:
this product is synthesized by high-tech, with a network structure of compounds, with strong adhesion. after use, a protective film can be formed on the surface of leaves and branches of plants, which can greatly reduce the surface strength of water, reduce water evaporation and enhance the drought resistance of crops, effectively alleviate the damage to plants caused by the external environment. the protective film formed by ultrathin transparency has no effect on plant photosynthesis. at the same time, its network structure has permeability, and ensures the normal absorption and communication of plants. gas, this product is non-toxic, no side effects, green and environmental protection. functional characteristics:
1. form a protective film on the surface of plant stems and leaves to reduce water evaporation and enhance plant stress resistance.
2. induce stomatal closure, reduce water loss and delay tree metabolism.
scope of application:
tree transplanting, seedling transportation, flower preservation, etc.
usage method:
spraying the product 400 times diluted than the tree body and branches and leaves evenly, the best way is not to drip water on the trunk and leaves. the spraying interval is about 7 days, and the best effect is 2-3 times continuously.
matters needing attention:
1. if there is a small amount of precipitation in the concentrated liquid, it will not affect the quality and effect, shake well before use.
2. avoid medication in rainy days. if it is rainy within 6 hours, it is necessary to reduce the concentration of supplementary spraying.
3. store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. drinking is strictly prohibited.
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