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product characteristics:
this product uses excellent anti-freezing and anti-freezing elements, adds special factors, activates biological enzymes, kills ice nucleation bacteria and prevents ice nucleation bacteria from multiplying; the protective film formed after application enhances the water-holding and anti-freezing ability of plants, inhibits and destroys the ice-forming activity of frozen protein, increases heat, reduces freezing ability, and significantly improves the resistance of plants to low temperature.
scope of application:
it is suitable for seedlings, flowers, lawns, medicinal materials, fruit trees, etc.
usage method:
1. spraying: 400 times diluted with water, sprayed 2-3 times evenly on leaves and plants, 7-10 days interval each time.
2. irrigation of roots: 100 times dilution of seedlings over 10 cm dbh, 150-200 times dilution of seedlings under 10 cm dbh, 2-3 times irrigation of roots, 10 days interval each time.
use time:
1. it is suggested that the frost should be used 15 days before the frost.
2. the budding period of late autumn trees before dormancy, after sudden freezing at low temperature and around early spring.
matters needing attention:
1. it should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer.
2. spray evenly to avoid windy and rainy weather.
3. store in a cool, dry and ventilated place. drinking is strictly prohibited.
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