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specification: 10g/bag *500 bags/box 20g/bag *400 bags/box 50g *100 bags/box
product performance (use):
gibberellic acid is a plant growth regulator. it is ubiquitous in plants and is one of the important hormones to promote plant growth and development. this product is used in rice, can improve the seed setting rate and 1000-grain weight of rice, and can effectively regulate the growth of rice.
use of technology and methods:
content: 20% crop: rice control object: regulated growth
dosage of preparation: 20-30 g / mu usage: spray
content: 3% crop: celery control object: regulated growth
dosage of preparation: 60-100 mg / kg: spray method
note: (1) the dosage of preparation per hectare = the dosage per mu *15
(2) concentration value of total effective component (mg/kg)= (dosage x 1000000)(dilution multiple)
1. spray the celery 15-20 days before harvest, 5-7 days apart, twice in a row.
2. this product should be diluted twice. first, the powder is poured into a certain amount of water, stirred properly for three minutes, dissolved into a transparent solution, and then diluted to the dosage.
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