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1.8% sodium nitrophenol aqueous agent
specification: 20g/bag *50 bag/box *8 box/box 200g *30 bottle/box 500g *20 bottle/box
product description:
hefenglu is a high-concentration, high-activity, full nutrition, multi-functional and high-end nutrient developed by high-tech biotechnology according to the characteristics and needs of plant growth. this product has strong physiological activity and internal osmotic ability, is easy to be absorbed by plants, promotes the increase of invertase activity of various substances in plants and the occurrence of physiological and biochemical reactions, makes plants in the optimal growth state, stimulates cell division in vivo, and improves the absorption and transformation of nutrients and external drugs by plants, so as to achieve the purpose of strong plants and early maturation.
product characteristics:
1. primary drug manufacturers, the advantages of raw materials produced by themselves: the largest supplier of raw materials of sodium nitrophenol in china, double-registration enterprises of raw materials and preparations, more stable products, higher cost-effective.
2. formula upgrade, more comprehensive effect: optimize the proportion of professional additives, products are safer, the effect is more superior.
3. professional focus: domestic plant growth regulators professional manufacturers, focusing on the industry for 20 years, there is no best, only better.
usage method:
this product is diluted 800-1000 times, evenly sprayed on leaves, and separated for 7-15 days.
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