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_multi-stalk strong_control vigorous anti-lodging_bar big grain full_increase production and income_
specification: 50g/bottle x 100 bottles/box formulation: water agent
product description:
this product is a new plant growth regulator which integrates nutrition, regulation and disease prevention.
this product can effectively inhibit the excessive growth of crops, promote reproductive growth, thicken stalks, dwarf plants, reduce ear position by 15-30 cm, make the center of gravity of maize move down, lodging resistance is obvious.
promote ear and strong seed, reduce bald tip, improve maize quality, increase 1000-grain weight, increase crop yield by 20-30%. at the same time, it can enhance the ability of drought resistance, waterlogging resistance and disease resistance of crops.
it can be compounded with insecticides, acaricides and fungicides.
this product has a good inhibitory effect on maize yellow leaves, mosaic leaves, rough shrinkage and other diseases.
usage method:
in the 6-11 leaf stage of corn, 50g of the product was added to 15-30 kg of water per mu, and the leaves were evenly sprayed once.
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