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corn is short and harvested more
specification: 20g/bag x 50/box x 8/box
formula: water agent, spraying one mu of land with one bag of water and one bucket of water only once a season
product characteristics:
1. effectively inhibit maize elongation, reduce plant height by 30-40 cm, increase stem diameter, increase toughness, and reduce ear position by 15-20 cm.
2. to give birth to an extra layer of gas to take root, promote nutrient absorption, grasp the dungeon and resist lodging.
3. reducing bald tips, spikelets, boosting ears and strong seeds, making corn cob big ear length, full grains, increasing 1000-grain weight and yield significantly;
4. it can improve drought resistance, waterlogging resistance and disease resistance of maize.
usage: 20 g water 15-20 kg per mu, used in 6-12 leaf stage of maize. spray evenly on the leaf surface and do not spray or spray.
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