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specification: 100g/bottle *100 bottle/box 500g/bottle *20 bottle/box formulation: microemulsion
product performance:
1. promoting root and seedling, promoting flower and fruit conservation, expanding fruit bright color, promoting fruit differentiation, accelerating growth and development at seedling stage, balancing nutrient absorption at later stage, not vigorous growth.
2. completely supplement nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, efficient and lasting, non-toxic, pollution-free, labor-saving, time-saving and money-saving.
3. super-strong regulation function and bactericidal and protective ability, which have remarkable effects on diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses.
4. eco-photocarbon technology and microbial bacteria can stimulate the potential of plants, enhance their own vitality, improve the soil environment, enhance the absorption capacity of crops, dissolve the residual harmful chemicals in soil, regulate the shrinkage of capillaries, conserve water, avoid water evaporation, and enhance drought resistance.
5. gene induction and bi-directional regulation can improve photosynthesis and quality by 1-3 grades. melon, sweet fruit and beet are tasty and yield is increased by 10%-50%.
6. providing crops with balanced nutrition, promoting growth and development, making crops mature ahead of time, prolonging fruit-setting period and growth period, and increasing production and income by a large margin.
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